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L’Oreal: The Beauty of Flexible Manufacturing

via automationworld.com The Beauty of Flexible Manufacturing Dealing with about 1,300 product launches every year to cater to ever-changing consumer demands, L’Oréal has embraced digital technologies not only to discover what the consumer wants but also to react to those needs on the factory floor. By Aaron Hand Mass customization is a phrase that we’re…

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L’Oréal provides personalization with launch of on-demand skincare at SXSW- theCurrentDaily

via L’Oréal is honing in on the trend for personalization in beauty with the launch of CUSTOM D.O.S.E at SXSW today, a technological service that can scan and evaluate an individual consumer’s skin and create tailor made serums as a result. Developed for L’Oréal-owned skincare brand SkinCeuticals, D.O.S.E will act as a personal skincare lab,…

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