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Inside Unmade’s plans to customize athleticwear- Glossy

via Inside Unmade’s plans to customize athleticwear by Jill Manoff London-based technology and manufacturing platform Unmade has made a mark by enabling fashion brands to create custom garments on an industrial scale. Now, it has its sights set on athleticwear, particularly the knit trainers brands including Nike and Adidas have been hyping for seasons. “They…

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EaaS, Pay-Per-Use For Equipment-As-A-Service In Manufacturing- DigitalMag

via Pay-Per-Use For Equipment-As-A-Service In Manufacturing by Dietmar Bohn Pay-per-use for machines and equipment (also known as equipment-as-a-service, or EaaS) has become a successful business model in various industries, including office equipment, medical equipment, jet engines, and others. EaaS front-runners in industrial manufacturing have already applied this model for new revenue streams to differentiate themselves…

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