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The Real Time Fashion System (#RTFS) saga: Can Fashion be ever Sustainable?

The RTFS (Real Time Fashion System) Saga, Episode 1 Can fashion be ever sustainable? First thing to understand for the fashion industry, is that it is no longer that much about “what” (in the meaning of styles of clothes), but more about “how”. How does the brand create an accurate process of production, distribution and…

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Future of Fashion: What Millennials Really Want- Apparel Magazine

via edgl.com What Millennials Really Want by Guy Courtin Retailers and brands have spent years chasing the elusive Millennial. They’ve poured resources into research, marketing, technology and flashy front-end assets. This generation of tech savvy, demanding consumers are perceived as non-loyal customers, heavily influenced and attracted to the digital flash and sizzle. Millennials have grown…

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