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The Differences Between Machine Learning And Predictive Analytics- Digitalist Magazine

via The Differences Between Machine Learning And Predictive Analytics by Shaily Kumar Many people are confused about the specifics of machine learning and predictive analytics. Although they are both centered on efficient data processing, there are many differences. Machine learning Machine learning is a method of computational learning underlying most artificial intelligence (AI) applications. In…

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Job Opportunity at ELSE Corp: Data Science, Machine Learning. Internship

We are always on the look out for new additions to our innovation team ELSE Corp is a young start up and that means we are constantly evolving and growing! WHO WE ARE: www.else-corp.com Job & Internship Opportunity Jr. Data Science & Machine Learning Engineer We are looking for bright, enthusiastic candidates who are keen…

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5 Amazing Things IBM’s Watson Can Do- D/SRUPTION

via disruptionhub.com The supercomputer is good at more than just quizzes Watson, IBM’s supercomputer, is most well known for beating two quizmasters on popular quiz show Jeopardy! in 2011. The impressive artificially intelligent software was developed to advance machine learning capabilities, including natural language processing, reasoning and knowledge retrieval. Watson can access information from an…

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