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Impact of ML on the cloud: AI as a Service

this is a Guest Post by Danish Impact of ML on the Cloud Today, organizations are becoming data-driven with customers generating the bulk of data every day. With the ability to effectively analyze and generate insights from this data, organizations have able to refine their existing business strategies. Companies could develop data-driven insights using machine…

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Retailers Look for a Better Way to Predict the Future- eMarketer

Retailers Look for a Better Way to Predict the Future Ability to predict demand is a top challenge bout two-thirds of retailers say that the ability to predict demand is the greatest challenge for their supply chain operations. The results are part of a study by RetailWire and IBM that focused on the retail industry’s…

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5 Amazing Things IBM’s Watson Can Do- D/SRUPTION

via disruptionhub.com The supercomputer is good at more than just quizzes Watson, IBM’s supercomputer, is most well known for beating two quizmasters on popular quiz show Jeopardy! in 2011. The impressive artificially intelligent software was developed to advance machine learning capabilities, including natural language processing, reasoning and knowledge retrieval. Watson can access information from an…

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