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New Retail and Loyalty Strategy: How is China shifting from mass to personal?

hina’s e-commerce market continues to post impressive year-on-year growth, but patchy penetration across different product categories and increasingly expensive user acquisition have prompted some businesses to re-examine their physical retail presence and how they form a ‘single customer view’ across online and offline channels.

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7 ways to use machine learning in E-commerce- DataToBiz

via DataToBiz Connecting Business to Data 7 ways to use machine learning in E-commerce by Parindsheel Dhillon Machine learning is one of most searched keyword on any search engine at this point of time. The reason is quite clear; the benefits of utilising it in any industry is beyond imagination. Machine learning is making computers…

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Seven Facts In Retail That Demand Change- DigitalistMag

via Seven Facts In Retail That Demand Change Customer loyalty is no longer the powerhouse that it once was. In the digital age, consumers expect top-notch customer service, and the ability to buy what they want, anywhere, and anytime, through various channels, offline and online. With brick-and-mortar stores seeing fewer and fewer purchases while online…

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