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Every Leader’s Guide to the Ethics of AI

via  sloanreview.mit.edu Every Leader’s Guide to the Ethics of AI Until regulations catch up, AI-oriented companies must establish their own ethical frameworks. by Thomas H. Davenport and Vivek Katyal As artificial intelligence-enabled products and services enter our everyday consumer and business lives, there’s a big gap between how AI can be used and how it…

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Sustainable Fashion and Millennials- FashionBI

via Sustainable Fashion and Millennials by Shalini Mohanty It’s the age of the rising power of millennials who are the new segment in the consumer market. Altagamma’s Consumer and Retail Insight describes them as “the new protagonists of the luxury consumer market [who] are between 18 and 34 years old: global, digitalised, optimistic, open to new…

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Leading Supply Chains in a Disruptive World- Gartner

via gartner.com Leading Supply Chains in a Disruptive World Winning supply chains will be those that aspire to be the best while tackling the real transformational challenges that lie ahead. Disrupt or be disrupted. That is the reality facing businesses and their supply chain organizations in the digital era, where business models change as quickly…

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