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Styling Images with Convolutional Neural Networks: Creating Beautiful Image Effects

via towardsdatascience.com Style Transfer – Styling Images with Convolutional Neural Networks Creating Beautiful Image Effects by Greg Surma In today’s article, we are going to create remarkable style transfer effects. In order to do so, we will have to get a deeper understanding of how Convolutional Neural Networks and its layers work. By the end of this…

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Deep Learning vs Classical Machine Learning- Towards Data Science

via towardsdatascience.com by George Seif Deep Learning vs Classical Machine Learning Over the past several years, deep learning has become the go-to technique for most AI type problems, overshadowing classical machine learning. The clear reason for this is that deep learning has repeatedly demonstrated its superior performance on a wide variety of tasks including speech, natural…

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Predictive Fashion: This AI Learns Your Fashion Sense and Invents Your Next Outfit- MIT Technology Review

via This AI Learns Your Fashion Sense and Invents Your Next Outfit A new kind of AI system could create personalized clothing based on a shopper’s taste. by Jackie Snow Artificial intelligence might just spawn a whole new style trend: call it “predictive fashion.” In a paper published on the ArXiv, researchers from the University…

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