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China market expectation for mass customization, product personalization and made to order

via jingdaily.com The customization trend of the 2000s is having a global comeback, and fashionistas have embraced it, proving to naysayers that the days of conspicuous consumption in China are…

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3 Unique Features of China’s New Retail

Much has been written about how shopping in China is more technologically advanced than it is in the West, but at what point did China’s tech surpass the West’s, and what was the country’s formula for producing this unique and high-powered consumer ecosystem?

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The Return of Craftsmanship in China- Jing Daily

via jingdaily.com The Return of Craftsmanship in China For centuries, the label “Made in China” meant exceptional craftsmanship and represented a benchmark of quality and beauty. European traders and power…

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