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ELSE Corp’s definition of Style for Artificial Intelligence and 3D Visual Search

ELSE Corp’s definition of Style for AI and 3D Visual Search note: provided below is a simplified “public ready” description of the activity, managed by ELSE Corp and its child company ELSE Tech, on the research direction defined internally as of 3D VISUAL SEARCH, part of ELSE.ai framework. Else Corp’s Visual Product Recommendation system works…

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3D Visual Search: training a Neural Network to recognize brand style, customer style. MFY Sneakers

Project: 3D Visual Search, part of ELSE.ai powered by E.L.S.E. Scope: Training a Neural Network to recognize a unique brand style, customer style, using advanced AI techniques, based on synthetic and augmented 3D & CAD data, Cognitive AI and Computational Vision techniques. A patent pending method Stage: Component Analysis, 3D & CAD meta data Stage:…

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