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Are symbolic AI approaches still relevant after the recent successes of deep learning?

by Kiryl Persianov, Ph.D. Ontology & Artificial Intelligence, via quora.com It looks a rather old question answered by many symbolic AI- smart people, as P. Norvig, most viewed and upvoted. My two cents. What he missed to say: Symbolic AI was intended to produce general, human-like intelligence in a machine, traded as strong AI or…

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The Current State of Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)- KDnuggets

via kdnuggets.com The Current State of Automated Machine Learning By Matthew Mayo What is automated machine learning (AutoML)? Why do we need it? What are some of the AutoML tools that are available? What does its future hold? Read this article for answers to these and other AutoML questions. Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) has become…

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