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Aiming to be the Amazon of On-Demand Manufacturing – Digital Engineering 24/7

Aiming to be the Amazon of On-Demand Manufacturing Vendors enter the field, adding new networks for ordering custom parts and prototypes. By Kenneth Wong In February 2018, when Dassault Systèmes, the parent company of SolidWorks, launched its ecommerce platform 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace, the company said, “Our ambition is nothing shy of transforming the industrial world similar…

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The Self-taught design system- Design World

via designworldonline.com The Self-taught design system August 22, 2017 Leslie Langnau   Just where will artificial intelligence fit in with CAD software? Here’s a look at where developments stand now, and a preview of what might be coming. Jean Thilmany, Contributing Editor Artificial intelligence has a place in the future of computer-aided design technology, but…

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BeyondPLM: AI-zation of CAD and PLM

via beyondplm.com AI is trending topic these days. AI enabled startups are everywhere and you can find many publications using term AI to express different aspects of innovation. Engineering software is not an exclusion from the trend. My attention was caught by Design World article – The Self-taught design system. Read the article and draw…

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