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Personalization, customization technologies gaining clout in retail- Retail Customer Experience

via Personalization, customization technologies gaining clout in retail by Elliot Maras As retailers invest more aggressively in omnichannel marketing, technologies that help personalize the shopping experience — such as virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D printing — are being deployed both online and offline. And as retailers recognize the potential of kiosks to support omnichannel marketing initiatives, interactive…

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Watch the My Personal Shopper panel at #CES2019, the #HighTechRetail forum

My Personal Shopper My Personal Shopper by Living In Digital Times ces.tech/conference/HighTech-Retailing/My-Personal-Shopper.aspx #HighTechRetail at CES 2019, ces.tech/conference/HighTech-Retailing.aspx One size does not fit all, in taste, size or style. See how technology offers you the ability to personalize your purchases to the nth degree. Speakers: Heidi Forbes Öste CEO 2BalanceU Andrey Golub CEO & Founder ELSE…

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