BodyBlock AI’s 3D body to tackle the apparel fit issues

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

The world’s most robust clothing fit predictor, BodyBlock AI has recently announced the global availability of BodyBlock Predict that will enable the apparel industry to take a BodyFirst approach to apparel fit that improves e-commerce conversions, customer satisfaction as well as overall cost savings.

Many apparel companies lose on revenue because clothing brands do not understand the gap between their target customer ‘persona’ and their target customer’s ‘body shape’. Due to this gap, clothiers are not able to design and sell clothing that fit their target customer’s body. Moreover, for decades, apparel industry has relied on fit models and costly sizing studies in order to establish the fit of new clothing and these methods have not kept pace with technological innovation or the way body shape has changed over time.

Furthermore, poorfit has not only resulted in billion of dollars revenue loss but has also created large amount of waste in terms of materials, time-to-market, shipping as well as logistics. Online retailers covering the outbound and inbound return of apparel shipping costs are impacted by the monetary loss and waste expenditures. Thus, these factors have motivated several forward thinking apparel companies and brands to opt for BodyBlock AI’s data and machine learning capabilities, as even a 10 per cent reduction in returns saves a singular brand millions of dollars and improves shareholder value.


BodyBlock AI is the world’s largest and fastest growing platform that contains the geographically diverse body scan database with 1,000,000 scans so that apparel companies take an informed BodyFirst approach which maximizes revenue along with profit while also reducing waste.

“Most brands agree that poor fit is a major problem in the industry, however until now no one had the data to improve the existing model. This is why nothing fits like it should. We’re proud to be partnering with brands to change how they are approaching fit and sizing in both e-commerce and apparel with an emphasis on body for greater customer satisfaction, reduced waste and improved profitability.” – Greg Moore, CEO, BodyBlock AI

Men’s activewear brand like Rhone has already integrated the BodyBlock predict widget onto their E-commerce platform so as to predict the measurements of each consumer and then recommend the right size of each product. Rhone has witnessed a 2X conversion increase in the customer base that uses BodyBlock AI as opposed to traditional size charts.Also the brand has reported that it has mitigated customer services issues in the research phase of the buying journey.

“BodyBlock Predict gives our customers better confidence in our sizing structure, which in turn offers a more seamless shopping and consumer experience. BodyBlock AI’s understanding of each consumer’s body measurements gives us the ability to track and integrate this data into our future designs to better serve our customers.” – Adam Bridegan, Senior Vice President, Rhone

BodyBlock AI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fit3D, which utilizes the world’s largest user- and database of 3D body scans to help brands design and distribute clothing to fit their customer segment.