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PI Apparel 2018

NEW YORK 2018: 19TH & 20TH JUNE


Please join us for an overview of the semi-finalist proposals in the 2018 Retail Digital Transformation Grand Challenge presented by IEEE, 3D.RC (3D Retail Coalition) and PI Apparel. This initiative challenged teams from the technology and academic community to offer innovations and solutions to address the most pressing issues of retail, while building digital capability for the future.

This review will showcase the various technologies and themes that the semi-finalists brought forward, with the final winner(s) to be announced at the conclusion of day one of PI Apparel NYC!  

Alexis Kantor, VP, Apparel & Accessories Product Development, Target

Sandra Gagnon, Director – 3D Virtual Transformation, Target

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P.S. ELSE Corp is also one of the finalists!


ELSE Corp’s Virtual Retail, a New Business Model for the Fashion Industry from ELSE Corp on Vimeo.

ELSE Corp is an Italian B2B start-up based in Milan, founded in 2014. The company’s core business is the design and development of a technologically advanced Cloud SaaS & API platform and the related know-how about their business model ‘Virtual Retail.

The business model, Virtual Retail or ‘no stock retail’ is an innovative hi-tech industrial process for 3D and Cloud based Mass Customization of fashion products. It puts together front-end retail processes such as product personalisation the 3D commerce of exclusive, personalized, made to measure products; with cloud-based back-end processes like mass customisation, virtual fitting and order generation for smart hybrid manufacturing. It offers B2B (white label) and B2B2C (powered by E.L.S.E.) solutions‎ to brands, retailers, manufacturers and independent designers. Virtual Retail Corners transform brand distribution channels into new concept spaces, providing a unique Virtual Shopping CX through multiple devices and channels: Web, Mobile, Desktop, AR/mobile, MR/HoloLens, VR and Xbox/Gaming; for multiple usage scenarios: In-store 3D, Home 3D, Personal 3D and Factory 4.0. It represents a turning point for future methods of retail, providing new innovative strategies for the sales, design, production, distribution and marketing of fashion products.

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