ELSE Corp is an Italian B2B start-up based in Milan, founded in 2014. The company’s core business is the design and development of a technologically advanced Cloud SaaS & API platform and the related know-how about their business model “Virtual Retail“.

ELSE Corp’s Virtual Retail, a New Business Model for the Fashion Industry


The business model, Virtual Retail (www.virtual-retail.org) or ‘no stock retail’ is an innovative hi-tech industrial process for 3D and Cloud based Mass Customization of fashion products.

It puts together front-end retail processes such as product personalisation the 3D commerce of exclusive, personalized, made to measure products; with cloud-based back-end processes like mass customisation, virtual fitting and order generation for smart hybrid manufacturing. It offers B2B (white label) and B2B2C (powered by E.L.S.E.) solutions‎ to brands, retailers, manufacturers and independent designers. Virtual Retail Corners transform brand distribution channels into new concept spaces, providing a unique Virtual Shopping CX through multiple devices and channels: Web, Mobile, Desktop, AR/mobile, MR/HoloLens, VR and Xbox/Gaming; for multiple usage scenarios: In-store 3D, Home 3D, Personal 3D and Factory 4.0.

It represents a turning point for future methods of retail, providing new innovative strategies for the sales, design, production, distribution and marketing of fashion products.