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Linden Lab Introduces User-Created Clothing Market For Sansar

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by Kevin Carbotte

Sansar has come a long way since we first caught wind of the project. In 2015, Linden Lab, the company behind the wildly successful Second Life virtual life simulator, saw the potential of virtual reality and set out to develop a successor to Second Life that would take advantage of modern graphics technology.

Second Life is a virtual world where you can create an alter ego that mirrors your desires. The platform features a rich marketplace filled with custom user-created items and clothing, which you can purchase for your Second Life avatar. The marketplace in Second Life enables users to sell their custom virtual items for real money, and many creators have made a good living from doing just that. Second Life’s virtual marketplace generates more than $500 million in sales to date, and from the get-go, Linden Lab intended to build a similar, yet superior, marketplace for Sansar.  


When we first spoke with Linden Lab in September 2015 about Sansar, Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab, explained that the virtual marketplace is what allowed to Second Life to live on for more than a decade, and the company plans to replicate Second Life’s success with Sansar. In January, the developer revealed Sansar’s monetization system and opened it for the small selection of creators who were invited to join the Sansar platform in mid-2016.

Initially, Sansar’s marketplace enabled creators to purchase items for their virtual simulations, such as furniture or props. Today, Linden Lab expanded the marketplace to include clothing for your avatar. The company with CLO Virtual Fashion to integrate CLO’s Marvelous Designer clothing design software with the Sansar platform.

“Innovative fashion companies, world-leading film and gaming studios, and creative hobbyists around the world are already using Marvelous Designer to create incredible virtual clothing designs,” said Jaden Oh, CEO & CTO at CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. “Our integration with Sansar is the first of its kind, and it makes it easy for our users to sell their creations in this new market.”

The Marvelous Designer software simulates the way that fabrics with different textures interact with objects to create realistic attire for virtual characters.

“Our experience operating Second Life has shown how important and valuable user-created avatar fashions are, and with Sansar, we’re taking it to an exciting new level,” said Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab. “Our integration with Marvelous Designer means that not only can you change what you wear, you can customize the fit and style to adjust how you wear it in Sansar. For example, you can roll up your sleeves, loosen your collar, and arrange your scarf just as you like it.”