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WhichPLM is celebrating 10 years in business

…as the fashion industry’s go-to location for technology-related news, reviews, insights and information.

We’re delighted to share with you that this month marks WhichPLM’s 10-year anniversary! In the past decade we’ve welcomed a community from all walks of retail life; we’ve undergone more than a couple of website reincarnations, and embraced many new business ventures. 
We’ve produced 7 stellar publications, covered – and spoken at – countless industry events all over the world (and produced over 30 event reviews), published close to 500 editorials, and performed countless interviews with leading technology vendors across the board. 
(Read our CEO’s full post to mark this monumentous occasion on WhichPLM.)


Thank you. Truly. You’ve helped to mold WhichPLM into what it is today: a voice for the industry, and an advocate for transparency and innovation.