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Artificial Intelligence in Retail

The Role Advanced Technology Is Playing In Revolutionizing Fashion Industry

Artificial Intelligence is bringing about a revolution in all possible industries, and fashion is no exception. The most powerful by-product of the digital world is big-data. It is the most sought after ingredient in today’s marketing strategies. Brands of every segment want to tap into the potential of the enormous amount of data available today. It is no surprise that tech giants Google, Apple and Facebook are scrupulously eyeing every new development in these fields, and acquiring start-ups acing newer advancements.

While over the years, innovative technologies were being developed and used in isolation, the break-through of these have been noticed by the retail industry giants. Slowly but surely, these technologies are being adopted by several companies. Retail and artificial intelligence are a perfect match for the consumer today, and if a brand wants to remain relevant in today’s market, it must adopt these methods.

Time is valuable, and AI support means quicker execution with more accuracy. It’s a no-brainer that banal and repetitive tasks are the easiest functions to be automated. Gradually, every aspect of the retail chain is starting to be disrupted by AI. Another branch of futuristic developments is the unparalleled growth in the Augmented Reality space. Many companies are re-aligning their business models to incorporate AI and AR capabilities. This space has a tremendous scope and no brand should undermine the transformation and advantage this can bring to their growth. This research puts together how AI and AR are being used at different stages in the supply chain of companies, and the most effective ways of using these trailblazing technologies.


  1. Introduction
  2. How is AI used in Fashion?
    1. How is AI used in Customer Service?
    2. How is AI used in Designing Products?
    3. How is AI used in Shopping Experience?
  3. Who Provides AI and AR?
  4. Key Takeaways