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Florence, November 22, 2017

At Dig.IT4Fashion on November 23rd, Andrey Golub, CEO & Co-founder of ELSE Corp joins a panel of some of the industry’s brightest minds, together to discuss the digital future of fashion and how information and intelligence will transform everything from tailoring to transparency. During the panel discussion on ‘Data Intelligence’, Golub will contribute with his experience and insights related to Data Intelligence, Cloud technology for 3D Fashion and the use of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality in the Fashion & Retail industry.

Organized by Logislab in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence, Dig.IT4Fashion charts the changes that have shaped the way fashion and digital technologies intersect. The event will be attended by national and international experts who will discuss, through case histories and testimonies, on issues relating to the adoption of IT solutions and tools to support successful digital initiatives by fashion companies. The panel discussion, coordinated by WhichPLM’s Ben Hanson, is devoted to understanding the importance of intelligence in fashion: the cornerstone of digital transformation is figuring out how to turn those real-time feeds into usable information, that will in turn allow brands and retailers to meet market demands and differentiate themselves from the competition; tackling a broad topic that covers big data, analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence; with panel members including data scientists, PLM professionals, AI experts, and more.

ELSE Corp, an official sponsor of the Dig.IT4Fashion, offers B2B and B2B2C Virtual Retail solutions‎ to brands, retailers, manufacturers and independent designers. The company’s ‘Virtual Retail’ concept embraces Mass Customization, On Demand Manufacturing and Industrial Made to Measure. It represents a turning point for future methods of retail, providing new innovative strategies for the sales, design, production, distribution and marketing of fashion products. Customers can experience the new Virtual Shopping CX through different channels – from a completely virtual experience delivered via Augmented, Mixed or Virtual Reality devices to a Virtual Retail Corners in a real physical space. Their second key concept under development, the ‘Real Time Fashion System’ enhances the customer experience of virtual shopping and optimizes the Virtual Retail production chain using machine learning, AI, deep learning & procedural modelling, leading to accurate predictions of individual customers’ style & size needs, as well as providing brands with real-time product demand planning and predictability.

The event takes place on the 23rd November at the Teatro Obihall in Florence. To join in, register here: http://www.it4fashion.org/exhibition/registration/

For more information: http://www.else-corp.com/

ELSE Corp is an Italian startup based in Milan, founded in 2014. Since then, the company has been working on designing and developing a technologically advanced Cloud SaaS API platform for Virtual Retail or no stock retail for the Apparel & Footwear industry. The platform E.L.S.E., Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience is aimed at providing an extraordinary Customer & Shopping Experience in 3D (applications, web, mobile apps, Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality environments), that supports at its core Mass Customization and cloud based hybrid & distributed Manufacturing services, integrating all their components and processes into brands’ and retailers’ e-commerce, CRM, ERP and PLM systems; from 3D Design and Interactive Visual Merchandising for customized and MTM sales, to on demand production.