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Machine learning methods (infographic)

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What’s the right algorithm for the task? Our visual primer shows the most common ones in use and the business problems they solve.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are a hot topic in the enterprise, with company leaders having high hopes for how they can be used to improve and automate business processes. In fact, some 54% of organizations are making substantial investments in AI today, and that number jumps to 63% in three years, according to our 2017 Global Digital IQ Survey.

So how will AI solve business problems, like helping you figure out why you’re losing customers or assessing the risk of a credit applicant? It depends on a number of factors, especially the data you are working with and the type of training that will be required. Learn about the most common algorithms and their uses cases below.

For an introduction to machine learning, see the first infographic in this series. To get a glimpse into the future of machine learning and how humans will play a critical role in its development, see our machine learning evolution infographic.