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An alliance in the industry to bring Mass Customization to a Predictive Level

The Italian startup ELSE Corp enters into a strategic partnership with PREDIT and Techedge Group

Milan, 13 September 2017: This September marks the beginning of a new strategic technological partnership between the Techedge Group, leader in the IT solutions market, specializing in helping companies to successfully and easily target their business challenges by leveraging information technology as a competitive advantage; Predit, a startup whose mission is to design, develop and market business solutions in the fashion industry based on the SAP platform; and ELSE Corp, a Milan based startup in the “Virtual Retail” (no stock retail) and “Virtual Commerce” sector, developing and marketing a cloud platform for the Mass Customization of fashion products in 3D.

The three companies have entered this partnership to jointly present ELSE Corp’s Virtual Retail platform E.L.S.E. (acronym for Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience) to the fashion retail & manufacturing markets. E.L.S.E. is currently available in a SaaS version via the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The objective of this partnership is to ensure that the platform can adapt to Predit’s current and future solutions based on SAP FMS and SAP Hana, with the aim to realize together the most powerful mass customization platform for the fashion and luxury goods industry. ELSE Corp’s co-founder, CEO & CTO, Andrey Golub recently stated that it is time to take an innovative leap in quality and that the startup is finally ready for a possible integration within ERP, of which SAP is the leader.

ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail company, founded in Milan in 2014, is engaged in the design, development and commercialization of a new SaaS Cloud platform, already available for the footwear industry (else.shoes™), allowing it to operate as a new “Platform & Service Provider” in the Fashion Retail sector. This platform offers Brands, Manufacturers and Retailers a new operative business model and a new commercial channel (“Virtual Boutique 3D”) for sales instore and online, making it possible to distribute and sell existing stock as well as made to order or made to measure products in a virtual way.

Techedge is a multinational company, present in 16 countries, providing solutions to many companies around the world. It is the official partner of several software vendors, including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon Web Service.

Predit is a startup founded in 2016 and is part of the Techedge Group’s investment program applying Industry 4.0 principles to the Fashion & Retail world. Predit is a platform that integrates all business processes for the development of new products across the entire value chain and provides predictions on the success of new collections based on predictive analysis algorithms; its goal is to help companies successfully tackle the new challenges related to Fast Fashion business models.

This new partnership adds value to the innovative and technological strategy of ELSE Corp. The startup is ever ready to achieve their goals and win the fashion retail market. It will soon launch on the market the first product resulting from this partnership: the world’s first “Virtual Retail Dashboard” platform, useful in predicting real-time sales, based on MySize and MyStyle services that are a part of the E.L.S.E. platform.


ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail company, is an Italian B2B startup founded in Milan in 2014, that is developing E.L.S.E. (Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience), a new customer experience through an innovative SaaS cloud platform for Virtual Retail, Virtual Commerce, and Hybrid & Distributed Manufacturing. Incubated by Polihub Startup District & Incubator by Politecnico Foundation of Milan, it has joined various startup programs such as Microsoft, BizSpark Plus, SAP Focus and IBM Global Entrepreneur. ELSE Corp was the first Italian startup to be certified by Early Metrics UK, a rating agency for startups and innovative SMEs.  www.else-corp.com