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The Store of the Future & the Factory of the Future towards the era of Footwear 4.0: CONNECTED at SIMAC

A successful partnership between ELSE Corp & ATOM Lab


Milan, February 25: A ground-breaking milestone for ELSE Corp, an innovative Virtual Retail startup from Milan, was achieved at SIMAC Tanning Tech 2017, this past week. In a pivotal industrial partnership between ELSE Corp, ATOM Lab and ShoeMaster, the public were introduced to a streamlined vision for the future of industrial 3D CAD integration for mass customised footwear, from design to retail and from retail to manufacturing. For the first time, the startup successfully demonstrated their virtual retail platform E.L.S.E., completed with their order management module ELSE-ware, fully integrated into a cloud based hybrid manufacturing supply chain.

Located in the ATOM Lounge at SIMAC, the process began at the “Virtual Shop”, presented by ELSE Corp, where the customers’ data could be recorded, their feet scanned through the integrated 3d foot scanner and they could customise the 3D designs in a demo collection through the powered by E.L.S.E. virtual product configurator. Other than the startup’s original E.L.S.E. configurator which was connected to the “Factory on Demand”, a project by ATOM Lab- ATOM Group, they also demonstrated an Augmented Reality version of their configurator where customers could customise a shoe by pointing a tablet at different samples, accessories and physical materials and seeing their customised shoe visualised as a high-quality 3D model on the mobile device. Visitors to the “Virtual Shop” also got a glimpse into the mixed reality ‘future of shopping’ concept being explored and developed at ELSE Corp through a Hololens device, where they could play with the colour and material options of the different shoes seen as holograms, by making simple gestures.

Once configured via the “Virtual Shop” powered by E.L.S.E., the customer’s custom orders were then sent to the next step in ATOM Lab’s nine-step ‘Factory on Demand’ for mass customised hybrid manufacturing – where they were produced using a mix of traditional, digital and additive manufacturing methods, produced just-in-time, according to the ERP grade Customized Hybrid Manufacturing Order specification generated via ELSE-ware by ELSE Corp.

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RoboShoes from Factory on Demand at SIMAC 2017

For more information about ELSE Corp: http://www.else-corp.com/

ELSE Corp is an Italian startup based in Milan, founded in 2014. Since then, the company has been working on designing and developing a technologically advanced Cloud SaaS API platform for Virtual Retail or no stock retail for the Apparel & Footwear industry. The platform E.L.S.E., Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience is aimed at providing an extraordinary Customer & Shopping Experience in 3D (applications, web, mobile apps, Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed Reality environments), that supports at its core Mass Customization and cloud based hybrid & distributed Manufacturing services, integrating all their components and processes into brands’ and retailers’ e-commerce, CRM, ERP and PLM systems; from 3D Design and Interactive Visual Merchandising for customized and MTM sales, to on demand production.

Contact Information:

Else Corp Srl. CEO & Co-founder: Andrey Golub a.golub @ else-corp.it

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