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theMICAM. Is the leading international footwear fair, promoted by ASSOCALZATURIFICI ITALIANI the Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers.

theMICAM 2017 will take place in FIERA MILANO RHO, 12/15 February 2017

Thierry Rabotin LogoThierry Rabotin. We make shoes that no other company make. We do things that no other company could ever do. In fact, we are the only brand in the world that literally makes its own shoes in its own factory exclusively. The name Thierry Rabotin today signifies the preeminent Italian brand of exquisite comfortable fashion-forward women’s footwear. The unequalled style, the high quality of the materials used and the painstaking attention given to every detail of each pair of Thierry Rabotin Shoes have brought worldwide recognition and appreciation.
ELSECorp Logo TMELSE Corp. We are designing and developing a cloud platform that puts together the front-end retail processes such as mass customization of exclusive personalised made to measure products, with the cloud-managed back-end processes such as virtual fitting and order creation and the eventual smart manufacturing.


“My Thierry” by Parabiago Collezioni. Make way to a new age in footwear customization

A perfectly tailor-made shoe: a dream coming true. Thierry Rabotin provides its customers with a truly unique shopping experience, by launching on the market a brand-new service that ensures plenty of opportunities for customization: My Thierry. Thanks to the virtual retail technology, Parabiago Collezioni – a shoe factory specialized in the manufacturing of top-quality articles entirely Made in Italy – puts at disposal of all the women on the lookout for a luxury product, the chance to get a bespoke shoe, specifically conceived to meet all sorts of needs. This project falls into step with the corporate philosophy supported by the brand Thierry Rabotin, that aims at making women happy by giving life to creations that can skillfully combine a refined design, the utmost comfort and a thorough care for the anatomy as well as for the well being of the foot. Unique style, perfect fit.

“My Thierry” by Parabiago Collezioni. Verso una nuova era di personalizzazione della calzatura

La scarpa dei desideri non è più solo un sogno. Thierry Rabotin promette alle proprie clienti una shopping experience davvero unica, lanciando sul mercato un nuovo servizio che offre ampie possibilità di personalizzazione: My Thierry. Grazie alla tecnologia del virtual retail, Parabiago Collezioni – calzaturi cio specializzato nel settore del Made in Italy di alta qualità – mette a disposizione di tutte quelle donne che non vogliono rinunciare a un prodotto luxury, l’opportunità di avere tra le mani una scarpa personalizzata, progettata su misura per rispondere a qualsiasi necessità. Questo progetto è in linea con la loso a aziendale da sempre promossa dal brand Thierry Rabotin, che mira a rendere felici tutte le donne con creazioni che sanno combinare al meglio un design raf nato, il massimo del comfort e una costante attenzione per l’anatomia e il benessere del piede. Stile inconfondibile, vestibilità perfetta.

Virtual Boutique: that’s how technology can bring closer customers and brands

Acknowledged as the technical partner of the project carried out by Thierry Rabotin, Else Corp has devised E.L.S.E. (namely, Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience), a platform bearing the firm’s name: the ultimate goal is to effectively blend the benefits granted by both online and offline services. As a matter of fact, thanks to the app Virtual Boutique, a customer can browse the entire collection, pick out a specific model and then choose specific finishes and details with the support of 3D technology: not only colour and leather type, but also, for instance, the features of the upper, of the heel, the insole as well as of the accessories. This cutting-edge initiative develops the concept of large-scale customization, thus bringing once again at the forefront the value of craftsmanship in the age of mass production.

Virtual Boutique: così la tecnologia avvicina il brand ai consumatori

Partner tecnologico del progetto portato avanti da Thierry Rabotin, Else Corp, ha ideato l’omonima piattaforma E.L.S.E. (Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience): l’idea è quella di fondere in maniera ef cace i vantaggi garantiti sia dai servizi online che da quelli of ine. Infatti, nell’applicazione Virtual Boutique, il cliente ha la possibilità di visualizzare l’intera collezione e di scegliere in 3D, per ogni speci co modello, tutta una serie di niture e dettagli: non solo colore e tipo di pellame, ma, ad esempio, anche le caratteristiche della tomaia, del tacco, della soletta e degli accessori. Questa iniziativa promuove il concetto di personalizzazione su larga scala, riportando così in primo piano il valore dell’artigianalità nell’era della produzione di massa.


FIND US AT THEMICAM: Pad. 1 N29 P30 (see stand info)

“My Thierry” by Parabiago Collezioni & “Virtual Couture” at theMICAM 2017, powered by E.L.S.E. from ELSE Corp on Vimeo.

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About theMICAM,

theMICAM is the leading international footwear fair, promoted by ASSOCALZATURIFICI ITALIANI the Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers.

The event is held twice a year in Milan, the fashion capital, in the modern and functional fair grounds of Rho Fiera. In February and September, a sneak-preview of the autumn/winter collections and those for spring/summer of the following year are presented. The result is a complete and wide range of goods featuring quality, design and innovation, a unique platform that successfully combines business, glamour and communication.

The fair occupies an exhibition area of 64,000 square metres and plays host to around 1,500 companies each edition, of which 900 are Italian and 600 international. Together they represent over 30 different countries.

Given the attendance figures of around 60,000 visitors per year, of which around 30,000 come from abroad, theMICAM confirms its role as a privileged showcase for promoting new collections. At the same time, it is also a decisive opportunity to do business and establish tangible commercial contacts.

An appointment buyers cannot miss, and one where they will be able to witness all the latest developments in Italian and international footwear fashions.