Direct to Consumer, step Next: Every customer is their own market

It’s finally real! Virtual Customization is becoming a revolutionary business!

As discussed in previous articles on Direct-to-Consumer and Shopping Behavior, we know that a buyer is very complex. Companies must pay attention to the consumers’ needs.

And what used to be a challenge for the future is now a fact!

ELSE Corp proved this at the SIMAC Tanning Tech 2017 where in partnership with ATOM Lab the research and innovation division of the ATOM Group, a leading shoe machinery company from Vigevano- Italy, they presented a “Shoe of the Future”, made in real-time for the first time! The virtual platform by ELSE Corp was part of the ‘Factory on Demand’ by ATOM Lab – a nine step process which started at the Virtual Shop powered by E.L.S.E.

The process began at the Virtual Shop, where it’s been proofed that Hybrid Manufacturing is possible.

Customers’ data are recorded, their feet are being scanned and the product configuration process is completed, resulting in an order that is sent for manufacturing – right there, right then! This is all happening thanks to the Powered by E.L.S.E Virtual 3D Product Configurator and the order management module ELSE-ware.

The new technology around Direct to Consumer business and operational model allows brands, their retailers and suppliers, manufacturers to track information and provide the customer with a personalized, one-to-one shopping experience that fits their wishes on all levels. A confirmation that not only ICT companies have a huge impact on modernism, but an innovative startup can too. The partnership between E.L.S.E and Atom Lab showed their spirit of open innovation and are taking a huge step forward into the future of the fashion industry.

This can be the ultimate way to become the brand that the consumer knows and trusts. Customers that customize a product are more likely to be brand advocates and also more likely to be repeat purchasers, completing the loyalty loop.

Over the past few decades there has been an emerging trend in manufacturing known as mass customization. Mass customization is a response to consumers demand for far greater control over the features of products that they wish to buy.

Along with the original ELSE Corp’s Universal 3D Product Configurator, which was connected directly to the ‘Factory on Demand’ and based on 3D models designed in an industrial CAD 3D software ShoeMaster®, an Augmented Reality version of it was being shown, where customers could customize a shoe by pointing a tablet at different physical materials and see their customized shoe visualized as a high quality 3d model on the device. These digital experiences are influencing customers’ expectations. They now have the opportunity to say that they had a hand in creating the shoe they’re wearing.

Who thought you could literally “See” the future! Well, you can.

Visitors of the Virtual Shop witnessed the mixed reality “future of shopping” by exploring the HoloLens, where they you see different shoes through a lens and by making simple gestures, you can change colors and material. This augmented way of buying shoes is an experience of customizing in a way shopping is never been before. The technology that is being used to interface with customers, is becoming the future of shopping. The screens, the virtual world, fashion products as holograms, it’s all happening. This will open further opportunities for customers to create their own personal item. It’s the first step into the augmented world. Although the experiment on the fair gives a look into the future of footwear, there’s still a lot of work.

This kind of innovation can be considered as flexible and hybrid and customers are more likely to be more pleased with a finished product if it’s based on their own specifications. Companies get closer to their customers and that will always be appreciated. That form of loyalty will make them return.


The “ROBOshoe” making just-in-time is now a REALITY!

Real ROBOshoe making just in time