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Omnishopper 2017: The Rise Of The Networked Shopper

5 Consumer Trends That Drive Retail Transformation

Changing consumer behavior is driving new retail business models, inventory and marketing strategies.

Ever-changing shopper behavior and preferences are impacting retail industry transformation today and into the future. Prepare to exceed shopper expectations by understanding their journey. Download the Omnishopper 2017 shopper report to unlock the five drivers of consumer transformation, including:

To compete effectively today and into the future, retailers should come to grips with the five key behaviors driving consumer transformation, including:

  • Increasing pre-purchase research;
  • Demographic differences in technology choices;
  • Loyalty to current brands;
  • Changing channel value propositions; and
  • The growing value of experiences over things.

 Omnishopper 2017: The Rise Of The Networked Shopper