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Codemotion Milan gets a glimpse of E.L.S.E.’s VRxVR endeavor

The Virtual Retail framework showcased in Virtual Reality

Milan, December 19, 2016: Codemotion Milan 2016, Europe’s largest tech conference, was a great opportunity for ELSE Corp to preview their in-development, VRxVR fork project for the E.L.S.E. framework. The startup showcased their E.L.S.E. Cloud SaaS Platform for Virtual Retail, at the Startup Area at Codemotion this 25th and 26th November (

VRxVR or Virtual Retail for Virtual Reality, is a new research path initiated by ELSE Corp, dedicated to exploring the adaptation of the E.L.S.E. middleware to Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality environments. The E.L.S.E. Unity VR SDK preview for Virtual Retail (#VRxVR), in its early stages, is a new scenario for luxury fashion & retail in Virtual Reality environments, where a customer can navigate through a virtual environment and personalize virtual products through gesture tracking.

A video that elaborates on this scenario and shows a simulation of the VR API can be viewed here.

The VR environment container for the demo of ELSE VR SDK was designed in Unity 3D, shown through the Oculus Rift. Visitors used gestures to interact which were tracked by the Leap Motion Controller. Visitors experienced a possible future scenario of Customisable Fashion Shopping, where everything exists virtually – including the interaction. With the Oculus Rift Headset on, customers entered a Virtual Boutique where a shop assistant welcomed them and guided them. Using a few learnt gestures tracked through the Leap Motion Controller, the customer selects the product they want to customize and using some pick up & drop gestures they select different options & materials for the product.

A fair filled with developers, engineers, curious technophiles and other enquiring minds, ELSE Corp’s team managed to gather valuable insights to improve their products and received enthusiastic feedback that reinforced and confirmed that the direction they are headed in to innovate the fashion industry, seems to be the right one.

Codemotion Milan 2016, Europe’s largest tech conference, was a great opportunity for ELSE Corp- a Virtual Retail company, to preview their in-development, #VRxVR fork project from their E.L.S.E. API framework. The startup showcased their Cloud SaaS Platform for Virtual Retail at the Startup Area at Codemotion this 25th and 26th November.

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ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail company, is an Italian B2B startup developing E.L.S.E. (Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience), a New Customer Experience driven innovative SaaS cloud platform for Virtual Retail, Virtual 3D Commerce and Cloud based Hybrid & Distributed Manufacturing. We work to make it easier for fashion companies to engage with their customers in an interactive, omni-channel and new VIRTUAL way.

Contact Information: Andrey Golub, Co-founder & CEO,