Atom: The Cutting Factory- dall’11 al 30 Novembre 2016

Atom: The Cutting Factory

11-30 Novembre presso La Triennale di Milano

La mostra-evento, organizzata in occasione della celebrazione dei 70 anni di Atom, azienda italiana leader mondiale nei sistemi di taglio. L’installazione, costituita da 12 opere, realizzate da 12 designer con 12 materiali diversi, esalta le capacità tecnologiche e produttive di Atom.

I 12 designer coinvolti sono: 4P1B design studio, Federico Angi, Alessandra Baldereschi, Denise Bonapace,
Agustina Bottoni, Giulio Iacchetti, Joe Velluto, Lanzavecchia + Wai, Chiara Moreschi, Lorenzo Palmeri, Studio Sovrappensiero e Martinelli Venezia Studio.

La mostra è curata da Giulio Iacchetti e Francesca Molteni,
il progetto di allestimento a cura di Matteo Ragni e il progetto grafico di Leonardo Sonnoli.

 Atom- The Cutting Factory

Atom, the Italian company leading the world in the production of cutting systems for flexible and semi-rigid materials, has given a mission to 12 designers to create objects using the Atom cutting technologies. Coordinated by Giulio Iacchetti and Francesca Molteni, the designers will put life into the exhibition that will take place from the 10th to the 30th November 2016 at the “La Triennale di Milano”. The event is to celebrate the first 70 years of Atom, who wanted to support a workshop to showcase the objects that can realised the full potential of his cutting table technology

Atom: The Cutting Factory is a design exhibition opened to the public, that showcase 12 objects of 12 designers that emphasise the atom production technologies.

The 12 designers and design studios that are involved are: 4P1B, Federico Angi, Alessandra Baldereschi, Denise Bonapace, Agustina Bottoni, Giulio Iacchetti, JoeVelluto, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Chiara Moreschi, Lorenzo Palmeri, Sovrappensiero, Vittorio Venezia.

Each designer has been given a particular sector of activity where Atom has devoted its first 70 years to research, to technological innovation and strengthening international collaborations. Through this new tale, we will show a strong dialogue between industry and design as well as technology and creativity. All the projects explore the creating process of the product and look at the materials and interaction between them. All within a scenario that combines art, fashion, design and technology as well as aesthetics, to show the comprehensive production potential of Atom systems and solutions. The result will be an exhibition of works of design made with the several materials Atom technology can cut.

The exhibition is an emotional journey to Atom world, representing the technological excellence of the company related to design. It highlights the multi-sectorial nature, versatility and wide soul of Atom. During the 20-day exhibition, an assorted audience can learn about the reality of Atom, through multi-media presentations showing the history and traditional production of Atom. In addition to this, videos will show the birth of concepts and implementation processes of the varied individual projects completed by each designer.

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