RENA chooses future-proof ELSE Corp

Selected to participate among the innovators making a difference in the ever changing community

Milan, 4 October 2016ELSE Corp has been selected by RENA to participate at the Festiva delle Comunità in Cambiamento http://www.progetto-rena.it/festival-2016/ during their Stati Generali dell’imprenditoria innovativa event. The festival has been organized by RENA with the support of Fondazione Cariplo http://www.fondazionecariplo.it/ in collaboration with Linkiesta http://www.linkiesta.it/ and Italia Startup http://www.italiastartup.it/ and will take place at Base Milano .

The aim of the event is to shine a light on and celebrate the companies that are successfully interpreting the paradigm shifts that are taking place in the economic and social sphere and as a chance for the selected like-minded entrepreneurs in Italy, across industries and territories to get to know each other, exchange ideas, inspire and cross-pollinate.

During the Stati Generali dell’imprenditoria innovativa, which will take place at the beginning of the event, Andrey Golub, Co-Founder and CEO of ELSE Corp will present the company to an audience of professionals, policy makers, organizations and economic journalists. ELSE Corp’s Virtual Retail model is an answer to most of the problems facing the fashion industry, in particular counterfeiting and the threats of fast fashion and it serves as a bridge towards Industry 4.0.

RENA’s call was for companies that are “future-proof”: open to the world, that invest in knowledge, who know how to innovate, create jobs, which are oriented to society and the communities to which they belong, which have a digital DNA, are inclusive and non-extractive, and perhaps with a strong female leadership.

ELSE Corp is extremely proud to have been selected by RENA and to confidently embody these values while striving to continue on its “future-proof” path. The event will take place at Base Milano, via Tortona, 40, on the 7th October, from 17.00 till 20.00.


For more information: http://www.else-corp.com/

ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail company, is an Italian B2B startup developing E.L.S.E. (Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience), a new customer experience driven innovative SaaS cloud platform for Virtual Retail, Virtual 3D Commerce and Cloud Hybrid Manufacturing. We work to make it easier for fashion companies to engage with their customers in an interactive, omni-channel and new VIRTUAL way.

Contact Information:

Else Corp Srl: Andrey Golub
Co-founder & CEO, a.golub @ else-corp.it