an update from inside ELSE Corp (with some post processing & link insertion 😉

Patent filed for “Remote Product Configuration”- congratulations to ELSE Corp!

Dear Team!

Filing a first patent is a very important moment in the life of any startup, and specially it’s important for a company which like ELSE Corp is working on the “creation of a new market” (the “Blue Ocean” strategy). So we were also able to define, structure and fill a new unique patent about an optimal method (CX + logic) ‎for Remote Product Configuration, useful for Virtual Shopping and not only ;-).

This will further help us to make our project and our platform E.L.S.E. even more unique and business wise!

I wanna thank so much the whole team which contributed to make it happen, all of you, and some other guys that we worked with as interns, but it’s a special big thanks to Daria and Taira, our “Super CX Girls” ! 🙂

Warm Regards,
Andrey,‎ aka The ELSE Founder 🙂