“ShoeStyle Lab – History and innovation of the shoe in Vigevano” is one of the eight winners of the project dedicated to the craft traditions that is launched by the Telecom Foundation Italy in 2013. Having presented by the Municipality with the AST Consortium (Agency for Regional Development), the project aims the redevelopment of the multimedia shoe Museum. The district is located in the central of the city; the Castello Sforzesco of Vigevano where the City Council has begun a gradual process of recovery, using the spaces for cultural, social, tourism and recreation, promotion and training. The Castle of Vigevano hosts the International Footwear Museum “Pietro Bertolini” that is opened in 1972. It is the only public museum in Italy dedicated to the history and evolution of the shoe as a garment and the subject design and fashion.  The museum has a collection of footwear from the fifteenth century to the present that is locally produced and also from all over the world. The collection included 3,600 pairs of shoes

The project “Shoe Style Lab” will enable the multimedia rearrangement of the Shoe Museum in order to present the complete collection in immersive mode. It is interactive and able to connect to social networks. There will be a “Fab Lab – footwear creativity” that is a software for graphic design, two-dimensional painting, 3D modelling and designing of a shoe with the advanced 3D printers for the components and accessories. It is designed to give a way to fashion&design students and shoe lovers to realise their creativity through the collaboration with craftsmen and companies. The aim is to restore and make the accessible activities that are related to the production of footwear within the museum. With ShoeStyle Lab, new technologies, 3D printers and softwares, cutting-edge machines are at the service of 3.0 craftsmen who will be able to realise prototypes of shoes drawing with the experience of laboratories and companies of Vigevano.

ShoeStyle Lab will participate Technology Hub 2016, Milan,Italy to presents their project. During the fair, visitors will have a chance to experience 3D printed samples of shoe prototypes, heels, accessories and forms showing the full potential of the seven 3D printers.

Another participant of the Technology Hub, ELSE Corp brings those advanced technologies into customer shopping life. ELSE Corp will be presenting the new customer experience “Luxury Customer 3.0” with their project of “Discover Your Dream Shoes  developed for Michela Rigucci, an Italian luxury shoes brand. ELSE Corp, a virtual retail company based in Milan, Italy will participate in the fashion and footwear demonstration area.


        Fiera Technology Hub,  7-9 June 2016, Milan, Italy

        Salone : ELETTRONICA E IOT HUB

        Pavilion: Pad. 3

                                                                                    Stand: AREA DIMOSTRATIVA MODA E CALZATURA

Technology Hub is an event that was created to support the growth of companies. A project designed to be a real moment of training and trade exchange market as well as cross occasion that gathers in a single event all sectors innovation triggering a real ‘contagion’ technology to derive the most effective solutions for the business. Technology Hub aims to create trends&opportunities for businesses and risk to invest in the future reality that will replace most of the current commercial habits.”       
                         Fiera Technology Hub | FieraMilanoCity |  7-9 giugno 2016  | www.technologyhub.it

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