E.L.S.E., the acronym for Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience, is a new concept set to realise the “Virtual Retail” business model, developed by ELSE Corp.

ELSE Corp is pleased to announce the new customer experience “Luxury Customer 3.0” with their project of “Discover Your Dream Shoes”  developed for Michela Rigucci, an Italian luxury shoes brand. ELSE Corp, a virtual retail company based in Milan, Italy (http://www.else-corp.com/), will participate in the innovative technology fair, Technology Hub in the fashion and footwear demonstration area.

Technology Hub is an event that was created to support the growth of companies. A project designed to be a real moment of training and trade exchange market as well as cross occasion that gathers in a single event all sectors innovation triggering a real ‘contagion’ technology to derive the most effective solutions for the business. Technology Hub aims to create trends&opportunities for businesses and risk to invest in the future reality that will replace most of the current commercial habits.”

technologyhub_logo1Fiera Technology Hub,  7-9 June 2016, Milan, Italy



E.L.S.E., the acronym for Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience, is a new concept set to realize the “Virtual Retail” business model, defined and developed by ELSE Corp. (www.else-corp.com). It represents a turning point for the future methods and new innovative strategies not only of retail sales, but also in the design, production, distribution and marketing of fashion goods. The new consumer trends that strongly impact the world of fashion retail are increasingly more characterized by digital technologies, the desire for uniqueness & personalization, as well as the use of cloud platforms, 3D scanners, 3D printers, virtual interfaces and customer fidelity programs.

E.L.S.E. VIRTUAL RETAIL is an innovative hi-tech industrial process that not only proposes a new platform for the visualisation of e-commerce, but also identifies a new ambition for the traditional brand stores, powered by a new shopping experience and cutting edge technology. The objective of the transformation of brand sales channels, from the retail point of view, is to create new concept spaces or virtual corners within brick and mortar stores, where the “new customer experience” or VIRTUAL SHOPPING, focussed on bespoke and customisable products created by brand designers, can be realised.

E.L.S.E. is a SaaS platform for “mass personalization” of luxury fashion products, that covers the entire process from virtual sales to adaptive manufacturing. It integrates the related services to realize the complete chain of  the “industrial made-to-order” model, allowing brands to offer a bespoke industrial range of products, manufactured upon request from a customized product order. This approach is the most effective way to combat over-production & heavy inventory, to create a smart supply chain to increase one’s own brand awareness and to optimize tomorrow’s technological involvement. It allows for greater multi-directional interaction and personalization with top products at a competitive price, combining new forms of capsule collections with unique and unusual pieces and inviting new talents to show off their creativity. The aim is to create new trends and to risk, in order to invest in those future realities that will substitute most of the current shopping habits.

Contact information: Else Corp Srl, www.else-corp.com

Co-Founder & CEO:  Andrey Golub (a.golub @ else-corp.it)

Fiera Technology Hub | FieraMilanoCity |  7-9 giugno 2016  | www.technologyhub.it

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