Now I may proudly say that the mind change previewed by ELSE’s founders & team 2+ years ago is finally happened!

Call it “DYI 2.0” (IMHO the worst term possible) or (better) “Luxury 3.0” or whatever- it won’t change the sense ?

The Rise of Fashion DIY 2.0

Just in time for the couture shows next week — couture being, perhaps, the original customization art in fashion, the one in which a customer goes to the atelier, chooses her dress and then, because it is being made for her only, has it altered as she so desires — Jimmy Choo is planning to unveil its latest innovation: not a new heel height or shape, but a collection of crystal clip-ons, buttons and bracelets that can decorate pumps and clutches and peep-toe ankle-laced stilettos (even slip-on skater shoes), the better to luxe up an otherwise simple pair of shoes according to individual desire.

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