Today, it is an undeniable fact that we are in the era of 3D technologies. It is no more secret that 3D printing has been around for a while and its influence on the fashion industry is a latest concept. Trendsetters have been expected to have 3D printed clothes in a near future and designers are successful to design those 3D printed clothes. However, there is one designer that believes your choices can evolve in relation to your environment and says that “3D printed fashion stands a chance of becoming essential in order to protect us from polluted external sources.” She is Sabina Saga.


At a young age, 19, she looked for ways to express her creative interests and she decided that fashion provided her with the perfect opportunity for self expression. She enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. She had her BA degree and learnt all technical skills there.

During her studies she was able to feel the freedom of experimenting and she learnt about how limitless the boundaries to fashion really can be. She says “Fashion makes me feel a certain way I can’t explain. Like I’m on the top of the world, flying. I communicate through my creations and I don’t have to hesitate to say what I think. I can be my self, and don’t fake anything. I could express all of my emotions through my creations, and that alone is incredible and New York taught me that chaos was essential. The trick is to embrace the chaos and find a balance.” Saga took her work to UAL – Chelsea College of Arts in London, where she did her master degree studying TED’s TEN,  a program which assists designers in researching textiles and smart materials that have a reduced impact on the environment. During her studies she worked with some of the most influential fashion houses including Oscar De La Renta, Carolina Herrera and Vera Wang and she became a very unique and skilled designer.


Sabina Saga’s work is a modern view of fashion and technology. Her designs combine different materials include an integration of 3D printing materials and variety of textiles/materials. Saga is able to transform any two dimensional pattern into a three dimensional applications on a variety of fabric for fashion and accessories. The future through the eyes of Sabina Saga is a future worth looking forward to; and it is the minds of artists like hers that will push the limitations of 3D technology in a direction that will be beneficial to us all.

“In the modern world of fashion, the consumer is aware of current trends and styles,” Sabina says. “They want something fresh every week to keep up with trends. I am looking forward to the near future where it would be possible to throw an old 3D printed garment back into the printer and print a new look in a new color and shape as frequently as desirable, one layer at a time, using only the necessary amount of material required for each part with near zero waste in an energy efficient process.”




Since Saga’s thesis show at FIT, she exhibited fashion shows all over the world including Inside 3D printing New York, The Creative Arts Event in London, 3D Printing conferences in Dusseldorf and her last show was at Technology Hub in Milan, Italy. In her most recent creation, 3DP Bridal collection, she brings a new combination of modern fashion and technology to show a fresh look at how materials and technologies can reshape fashion at the most emotive levels. Sabina’s pieces are exquisite, hand and technology crafted works of art that speak to their innate, voracious strength while remaining chic, modern and delicate.

Sabina_Saga_01                                                       Sabina Saga at Technology Hub Milano, 2016

Thanks to Sabina Saga, we are really happy to meet with a successful designer like her at Technology Hub, in the fashion and footwear demonstration area. ELSE Corp with “Discover your wedding shoes” will make available to the designers and fashion houses to provide this cutting edge technologies and 3D printed elements to enhance the product customisation experience in fashion retail.

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