Does Re-shoring Fashion Manufacturing Make Sense?

Reshoring — bringing manufacturing back to Europe and the US — can help fashion businesses build their brands and improve agility. But is it worth it?

By Kate Abnett March 9, 2016

Please read the whole article HERE, while I’ll quote only the part that is most interesting from my point of view:


Mass Customization

In the last few years, brands like Nike and Burberry have rolled out ‘mass customization’ services, which allow customers to participate in the design of their products, which are then built to order in large-scale factories.

“The technology in system and manufacturing is enabling more of what people call mass customization, smaller production runs, and at a more competitive price,” explains Dr Atkinson, who says that this manufacturing trend is an asset for countries like the US and UK, which struggle to compete on low-cost, large-volume apparel production, but have the resources to invest in manufacturing technologies.

Mass customized manufacturing’s smaller production runs and fast turnaround means that factories close to the brand’s customers can be advantageous.

So once again we were right, when started working on E.L.S.E. as ELSE Corp!

Fashion & Retail, Future Reload: The Era of Cloud Manufacturing from ELSE Corp on Vimeo.