Spotting Range - the game mechanics limitation to spotting, i.e. If you are looking for realism then this game is NOT for you. Wargaming and the rigged matchmaker and system behind microtransactions An in depth explaination of why World of Tanks as a franchise is becoming a traditional pay to win game and how the developers are manipulating their players to commit to using premium services to get an advantage in the matchmaker. 100 tanks with 3 MoE including 29 tier X's on my main account. when you win too much, they put all the noobs in your team and also rigged your RNG shots and hits. VKSheridan, on 24 March 2018 - 08:32 AM, said: Why is it when people do good, it’s skill but when they don’t, it’s always WG’s fault? But my gripe is mainly with world of tanks, which really sums up their actions across all their games. Imagine if this forum had only players who actually win more than lose trying to tell others how to play. World of Tanks used to be a Brilliant game & then they rolled out world of planes & world of warships that didn't peak my interest but were just as good from what I was told. World of Tanks - RNG Rigged Match - YouTube It's hard to enjoy a game when a mechanism designed to balance game play does nothing but hinder players from reaching higher levels of playing. PKmods – World Of Rigged MM & RNG – ... WoT Region Changer By ShuraBB & Armor – One Gaming Client For ALL Regions – One Gaming Client For … It's your standard World of Tanks Marathon event - you have to do daily missions over 10 days. WORLD OF TANKS ACTION HEROES FEATURES. LOL.Mr.MangoBallsPython ,You Resonded to my paragraph you must be 3 years old then? the more skilled your crew is the tougher matchmaking you will get.i ran some premium tanks with 10-15 crew perks crews and was pretty much guaranteed to be bottom tier,actually i was usually bottom tank.i accidentally put in a crew without any crew skills and i got better matchmaking.i assumed that this was … Help us grow by disabling your AdBlock software. Rigged "RNG" / Pre-determined matches - posted in Gameplay: m1x_angelico, on 29 November 2020 - 06:09 PM, said: When we speak of something being predetermine, any physics or math student will tell you that something like that doesnt exist. "lighting up" a target yourself. Accept that not every shot pens. I’ve never been this old before! It's not rigged - it's a massive multiplayer game, with an RNG factor. | World of Tanks Director Interview - Duration: 36:59. also has intellectual property protecting one or more innovative and novel features that upon information and belief are utilized within at least the most recent version of World of Tanks®. Battle your way through the Levels and claim exclusive Action Hero Tanks and Commanders! All rights reserved. It's human nature. Understanding a tanks layout and weak spots / hit zones will assist any player in being a more effective combatant, and also improve the operational state of your tank and the safety of your crew. Great game in the past, not so anymore I sign up to play World of Tanks back in 2014. It has become clear to me that the developers are placing US based players in with loser players. For example, is the owner of **United States Patent No. its all random really based on the normal 45-65 ish win rate of everyone. When you are dealing with these russians, dont expect anything but getting cheated and robbed. WG actually post the algorithms for damage and penetration on the wiki, you should check them out! Wargaming is very greedy and world of tanks is a rigged mess, pay2win full of toxic people and has a ton of issues. Hey stop the whiney sissy lame excuses and crap... man up and play the game..ITS way ..WAY better than WOT with 15 NUBs on a team,,2-4 tier spreads,,Blitz is way better...STOP trying to be RAMBO,that never works U might win a 1 on 1 fight but NEVER win a battle..LEAD or FOLLOW thats a choice,,,learn the maps ..where to go...use cover,,get out of the open NUB dunes sand boxes girls,,stay off the top of the hills ur not a GOAT and ur a sure target up there..dont go off alone,,and TEAM up...learn to drive ur tank dont go up behind a tank in a fight go up the side and focus fire,,learn to fight 2 on 1 ,,NEVER..pick a fight you cant win...Learn to use basic team and tank tactics and you will do a lot better..

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