65. The confluence of the regions of the body and the dislocation of apertures from their typical position are results of degeneration. The following are typical analyses: The raw materials for the production of plate-glass are chosen. He's a typical workaholic.Back to “3000 Most Common Words in English” That's altogether typical of Tom! The Word "Average" in Example Sentences Page 1. Watch report here Some would say this is not your typical luncheon. Today wasn’t a typical workday since our boss actually allowed us to take a break. The author is an industrious student and a typical scholar, who frequents libraries and is interested in the MSS. Congeneric with the typical ibis are two or three other species, the I. When they are regarded as typical figures of the later episcopi of the Church, the point of this emphasis upon elementary principles and duties is at once clear; they outline graphically the qualifications for the church offices in question. It is typical of Philip's character and career that he should die thus, in an expedition undertaken against the interests of his kingdom, at the instigation of his ambitious uncle. Other points in the modification of the typical ctenidium must be noted in order to understand the ctenidium of Anodonta. Representatives of the family occur in many parts of Europe, but the typical genus is unknown in North America, where, however, other forms occur. This type of caudal fin must be regarded as secondary, the Gadidae being, no doubt, derived from fishes in which the homocercal fin of the typical Teleostean had been lost. click for more sentences of average … The bakery's typical pastries, doughnuts and other baked goods tempt the passer-by, while there are also healthy lunch-type foods like salads and sandwiches. As typical examples illustrating the facts to be explained, the following may be mentioned. They are called from the places in France where the most typical finds of palaeolithic remains have been made - Chellian from Chelles, a few miles east of Paris; Mousterian from the cave of Moustier on the river V ezere, Dordogne; Solutrian from the cave at Solutre near Macon; and Madelenian from the rocky shelter of La Madeleine, Dordogne. It was typical of a U. In the absence of faceglands, as well as in certain other features, the bharal serves to connect more typical sheep with goats. Of the extinct North American peccaries, the typical Dicotyles occur in the Pliocene while the Miocene Bothriolabis, which has tusks of the peccary type, approximates in the structure of its cheek-teeth to the European Miocene genus among the Suinae. It has usually been regarded as representing both endoderm and mesoderm, and the groove which usually leads to its formation has been compared to the abnormally elongated blastopore of a typical gastrula. Golitsuin was a typical representative of Russian society of the end of the 17th century in its transition from barbarism to civilization. The first of these aberrant types is Schweinfurth's chimpanzee (Anthropopithecus troglodytes schweinfurthi), which inhabits the Niam-Niam country, and, although evidently belonging to the same species as the typical race, exhibits certain gorilla-like features. 2 : in a typical manner typically American. 8. But, as the history goes on, the prophet stands out more acid more as the typical organ of revelation, the type of the man who is Yahweh's intimate, sharing His secrets (Amos iii. A good example of a fairly typical case is afforded by Heterodera schachtii, which attacks beetroot and causes great loss to the Continental sugar manufacturers. 19 examples: This method of analysis involves a typical application of "optimal" growth… Glacial erosion has been potent in excavating great cirques and small rock-basins, especially among the higher southern surmounting summits, many of which have been thus somewhat reduced in, height while gaining an Alpine sharpness of form; some of the short and steep canyons in the eastern slope have been converted into typical glacial troughs, and huge moraines have been laid on the desert floor below them. Typical of the emerging Dublin 2.. SH, thio-acids; by replacing it by the amino group, acid-amides (q.v. The duty on wool, typical among the duties on raw materials, was completely abolished, and with this change came a great reduction in the duties upon woollen goods. A salad bar is available with typical salad toppings and fine cheeses. The typical species, Iguanodon mantelli, measures 5 to 6 metres in length, while I. Dipsadomorphus, Dipsas, Leptognathus, Dryophis, Dendrophis and other closely allied genera are typical, very long-bodied and longtailed tree-snakes, chiefly tropical. Hydranth; Hydrocaulus; Hydrorhiza; Tentacle; Perisarc, forming in the region ' of the hydranth a cup or hydrotheca(h, t), - which, however,is only found in polyps of the order Calyptoblastea. Other Words from typical Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about typical. The Preaching and Apocalypse of Peter, for instance, are quite typical of the same period, and help us to read between the lines of the Apostolic Fathers. Typical plants are holophytic, that is, they obtain their food substances from purely mineral sources. They are typical products of "regional" metamorphism, and are in nearly all cases older than the fossiliferous sedimentary rocks. 2 This painting is typical of his early work. Vinegar (or impure acetic acid), which is produced when wine is allowed to stand, was known to both the Greeks and Romans, who considered it to be typical of acid substances; this is philologically illustrated by the words OEbs, acidus, sour, and duos, acetus, vinegar. We discovered her when she proved unaffected by one of our typical talents. This is the typical river of which there are infinite varieties, yet every variety would, if time were given, and the land remained unchanged in level relatively to the sea, ultimately approach to the type. It was typical of the. 4. It would reduce worldwide tariffs by an average of 30 percent. Goats, in the wild state, are an exclusively old-world group, of which the more typical forms are confined to Europe and south-western and central Asia, although there are two outlying species in northern Africa. More recently the subdivision of the Linnean Neuroptera has been carried still further by the separation of the caddis-flies and scorpion-flies as distinct orders (Trichoptera and Mecaptera respectively), and by the withdrawal of the " Pseudo-neuroptera " from the Orthoptera - with whose typical families they have little in common - and their division into a number of small orders. Generally if any group be replaced by another group, then the second group enters the nucleus in the position occupied by the displaced group; this means that if we can definitely orientate three di-derivatives of benzene, then any other compound, which can be obtained from or converted into one of our typical derivatives, may be definitely orientated. The brain resembles that of typical ungulates far more than that of rodents. These various substances are present in the proportions which render milk a perfect and typical food suitable to the wants of the young of the various animals for whom it is provided by nature. His style in it, as elsewhere, is in striking contrast to that of the typical classical scholar, and accords with his conviction that the true aim of scholarship is "that which is.". Those cases which appear to be most typical - i.e. Use "consisted" in a sentence. In Europe the group is represented by the long-known and typical genus Lophiodon with three premolars in each jaw, of which the upper are simpler than the molars. In animals which exhibit typical segmentation or metamerism, such as segmented worms (Chaetopoda), each segment or metamere possesses its own coelomic cavity, a pair of coelomic ducts, and a pair of nephridia. In height the adult male chimpanzee of the typical form does not exceed 5 ft., and the colour of the hair is a full black, while the skin, especially that of the face, is light-coloured; the ears are remarkably large and prominent, and the hands reach only a short distance below the knees. Here are narrow streets typical of the medieval mercantile town, though modern improvements have destroyed some of them; and there are a few ancient houses. The typical continental form is triangular as regards its sea-level outline. – this is what you can always add at the end of a sentence if it concludes the entire thought and you don’t have anything else to say. Physically the typical Australian is the equal of the average European in height, but is inferior in muscular development,. Still larger are the elands, of which the typical Taurotragus oryx of the Cape is uniformly sandycoloured, although stripes appear in the more northern T. In size and several structural features it approximates to the more typical Cervicaprinae, as represented by the reedbuck (Cervicapra), and the waterbucks and kobs (Cobus or Kobus), all of which are likewise African. Such a series of typical compounds are the benzene dicarboxylic acids (phthalic acids), C 6 H 4 (000H) 2. The region extending round the south-western extremity of the continent has a peculiarly characteristic assemblage of typical Australian forms, notably a great abundance of the Proteaceae. A covenant by the lessor, limited to his own acts and those of persons claiming under or through him, for the "quiet enjoyment" by the lessee of the demised premises, and covenants by the lessee to pay rent, to pay taxes, except such as fall upon the landlord, to keep the premises in repair, and to allow the landlord to enter and view the condition of the premises may be taken as typical instances of " usual " covenants. Stephen Fytche, had been vicar. 10, shows the result of a typical experiment made upon a piece of soft iron (Ewing, Phil. Typical in a sentence 1 It was typical of her to forget. Their form, however, is not sufficiently characteristic to warrant this identification, though it may be noted that the nearest approximation to phallic worship is found amongst the most typical of African peoples, viz. Typical In A Sentence Definition of Typical Capturing the overall sense of a thing. - Some typical induction curves, copied from a paper by Ewing (Proc. The sportive lemurs (Lepidolemur) are smaller than the typical species of Lemur, and the adults generally lose their upper incisors. A very different animal is the Patagonian cavy, or mara (Dolichotis patachonica), the typical representative of a genus characterized by long limbs, comparatively large ears, and a short tail. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. You can see the typical. For many years, indeed, he came to represent to ordinary Englishmen the typical or ideal professor of physics. The typical Japanese of the present day has certain marked physical peculiarities. Cheney is many people's image of a typical cop: a big White guy, six foot, 220 pounds. In the season of 1904-1905, which may be taken as typical, 179 estates, with a planted area of 431,056 acres, produced 11,576,137 tons of cane, and yielded - in addition to alcohol, brandy and molasses-1,089,814 tons of sugar. Which, at least for now, consisted of only six men. The typical Annamese dwelling is open to the gaze of the passer-by during the day; at night a sort of partition of bamboo is let down. The figure is strongly and squarely built, but this last characteristic can scarcely be called typical. In appearance it is a typical Dutch town, with numerous narrow canals and quaintly gabled houses. CK 1 301749 He is a typical Japanese. The typical representative of the group is the great mole-rat (Spalax typhlus) of Eastern Europe and NorthEast Africa, which, together with a few closely allied species, has the eyes completely buried in the skin, and the head much flattened. Bulls of the typical bantin of Java and Borneo are, when fully adult, completely black except for the white rump and legs, but the cows and young are rufous. The mountain system has no axis of dominating altitudes, but in every portion the summits rise to rather uniform heights, and, especially in the central section, the various ridges and intermontane valleys have the same trend as the system itself. The typical Siamese is of medium height, well formed, with olive complexion, darker than the Chinese, but fairer than the Malays, eyes well shaped though slightly inclined to the oblique, nose broad and flat, lips prominent, the face wide across the cheek-bones and the chin short. It was a skit about the typical problems faced by both adults and students. In its chemical properties glucose is a typical oxyaldehyde or aldose. Crimes allowing for life imprisonment Mandatory sentence. It is precisely the reverse of the typical action of strychnine. ‘Typical of the breed was Sawyer, who spent four years at Strathclyde in the 1980s.’ ‘He spoke in an unfeasibly low voice, with the lyrical and laconic speech so typical of the Jamaicans.’ ‘That's typical of Irish folks' ability to turn a plain sentence or phrase into poetry, song or satire.’ Considerable difference of opinion exists with regard to the best classification of the family, some authorities including most of the species in the typical genus Rhinoceros, while others recognize quite a number of sub-families and still more genera. It was a typical medieval sea-fight, and accomplished the ruin of Pisa as a naval power. But you'll be missing out if you stop at the typical tourist draws. Typical of the real man, though.. While he was criticized by the friends of Civil Service Reform for not going far enough during his presidency to protect the encroachments of those who desire to have the offices distributed as political rewards or for partisan ends, such specific acts as his transference to the classified service of all fourth-class postmasters east of the Mississippi and north of the Ohio rivers, his insistence upon a thorough investigation of the scandals in the Post Office department, and his order forbidding federal employes to use their offices for political purposes in the campaign of 1908 are typical of his vigorous support of the merit system. usual; normal. From what she had read and gleaned from conversations with mothers of teen boys, Jonathan was typical for his age. The liver is divided in the typical manner in all, but the lobes are variously subdivided in different species. In the typical jerboas, Jaculus (or Dipus), ranging from North Africa to Persia, Russia and Central Asia, there are only three hind toes, the incisors are grooved, and the premolars are generally wanting. "I did nothing to them, ikir," she said, ducking her head in typical sign of respect. LILY,' Lilium, the typical genus of the botanical order Liliaceae, embracing nearly eighty species, all confined to the northern hemisphere, and widely distributed throughout the north temperate zone. 180. … Lefebvre, who was by no means a typical student in dress or manners, was a highly cultivated man and a thorough classical scholar. Chimpanzees exhibit great docility in confinement, where, however, they seldom survive for any great length of time. Opponents average 23.1 yards for every kickoff they return. The Itamaraty palace near the Praga da Republica, a typical private residence of the better class, was purchased for and occupied by the first presidents and is now occupied by the ministry of foreign affairs. consists primitively of typical living parenchyma; bu its differpotlistion mov he esctremelv vsred, sinr-p in the rnmnle~. There is, however, considerable local variation both in the matter of size and of colour from the typical coyote of Iowa, which measures about 50 in. There is little or no physical difference between them and the typical Abyssinians, except perhaps that their eyes are a little more oblique; and they may certainly be regarded as Hamitic. Typical Work on the Road. body, the arrangement being thus precisely like that of typical Chaetopoda. It was a typical evening – one some people might consider boring, but to him it was pure pleasure. The typical and by far the greatest example of the Christian sceptic is Pascal (1623-1662). Cicero frequently reproduces his expressions, applies passages in his plays to his own circumstances, and refers to his personages as typical representations of character.'. In other cases the tail is of the short curling type of that of a bulldog; sometimes it starts quite straight, but divides in a fork-like manner near the tip; and in yet other instances it is altogether wanting, as in the typical Manx cats. Further differences become apparent when various typical compounds are compared. All the typical swine are further characterized by the fact that the young are longitudinally striped with bands of dark brown and some paler tint; this striped coat disappearing in the course of a few months. The otocysts of Cyclas are peculiarly favourable for study on account of the transparency of the small foot in which they lie, and may be taken as typical of those of Lamellibranchs generally. Nothing is known with certainty as to the origin of the vast majority of breeds of dogs, and it is an unfortunate fact that the progressive changes which have been made within comparatively recent times by fanciers have not been accurately recorded by the preservation, in museums or collections, of the actual specimens considered typical at different dates. In other words, it turns sentences (or phrases) into words. In many ways he was a typical Mahommedan, fiercely hostile towards unbelievers - "Let us purge the air of the air they breathe" was his aim for the demons of the Cross, - intensely devout and regular in prayers and fasting. Typical dipterous insects (flies) closely resemble in general form aculeate Hymenoptera belonging to the families of bees and wasps. This Neolithic race has consequently been nicknamed " Iberians," and it is now common to speak of the " Iberian " ancestry of the people of Britain, recognizing the racial characteristics of " Iberians " in the" small swarthy Welshman," the " small dark Highlander," and the " Black Celts to the west of the Shannon," as well as in the typical inhabitants of Aquitania and Brittany. He was a typical fighting gentleman of the period. The ten thousand known species included in this group agree with the Cynipoidea and Chalcidoidea in the position of the ovipositor and in the jointed trochanters, but are distinguished by the fore-wing possessing a distinct stigma and usually a typical series of nervures and areolets (figs. - Passing westward by rail from the forest-covered Archean with its rugged granite hills, the flat prairie of Manitoba with its rich grasses and multitude of flowers comes as a very striking contrast, introducing the Interior Continental plain in its most typical development. The distinctive characters of the typical mice (and rats), i.e. Thus the typical hydroid colony starts from a " founder " polyp, which in the vast majority of cases is fixed, but which may be floating, as in Nemopsis, Pelagohydra, &c. The founder-polyp usually produces by budding polyp-individuals, and these in their turn produce other buds. The coastal zone and lower slopes of all the mountains, including the lower Orinoco region and the Maracaibo basin, are clothed with a typical tropical vegetation. The northern Doris, for example, spoke Aeolic, while Elis, Phocis, and many non-Dorian districts of north-west Greece spoke dialects akin to Doric. The change in the former period with regard to a single point, which is however typical of many, is briefly summed up by Dr Cheyne: " In 1880 it was still a heresy to accept with all its consequences the plurality of authorship of the Book of Isaiah; in 1890 to a growing school of churchstudents this has become an indubitable fact " (Origin of the Psalter, xv.). In any case, the theatre at Epidaurus ranks as the most typical of Greek theatres, both from the simplicity of its plan and the beauty of its proportions. The central body probably plays the part of a nucleus and some observers consider that it has the characters of a typical nucleus with mitotic division. 16 examples: This aria opens in typical fashion, with a tutti ritornello, and concludes with… Of these Lop Nor and the Helmund hamuns are typical. The typical genus Lilium and Fritillaria are widely distributed in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. In this we may take the epistle as typical of the state of the whole Church at the time. It is absolutely certain that the wings of the Ratitae bear the strongest testimony that they are the descendants of typical flying birds. How very typical that was. It consisted in what he did and in what he affirmed. The term " Catholic " does not occur in the old Roman symbol; but Professor Loofs includes it in his reconstruction, based on typical phrases in common use at the time of the ante-Nicene creeds of the East. Alkmaar is a typical North Holland town, with tree-lined canals and brightly coloured 17th-century houses. Three-fourths of the country lies north of these hills and is typical veld; the valley of the Caledon, sheltered eastward by the Maluti Mountains in Basutoland, is well watered and extremely fertile.

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