See more ideas about discus tank, discus, aquarium fish. We pride ourselves for our superb customer service and high quality discus. Discus (Fish) Tank Conditions These fish require higher temperatures than most fish 82-88°F. These are my experiences keeping discus fish and helping beginners keep discus. If there are items you are looking for but can’t If the tank is in a high traffic or sunlit area you may find the Discus are always shy. Yes you can upgrade. Discus Fish Stocklist Common Name Size Pcs /Box MIX DISCUS 2" 112 MIX DISCUS 3" 64 MIX DISCUS 4" 24 MIX DISCUS 5" 16 RED DISCUS 2" 112 RED DISCUS 2.50" 100 RED DISCUS 3" 64 RED DISCUS 3.50" 48 RED Aquarium Design Diskus Aquarium Aquarium Photos Aquarium Terrarium Nature Aquarium Aquarium Ideas Aquascaping Discus Tank Discus Fish That setup is far too nice and well suited for plants to pass it up. Discus fish shape Discus Fish Overview, Origin, Care Guide, Diet, Aquarium Setup, Water Conditions, Tank Mates, & Breeding: Discus is a beautiful fish & any intermediate or a novice aquarist can keep this specie in aquarium. Discus Fish Tank Setup Getting the right fish tank for discus is not negotiable if you want to keep discus fish. Discus fish tank setup for proper growth should be around 75-gallon aquarium or even more big when they are grown. Young discus prefer the security of numbers in a tank. Since the fish is tall the tank should be quite long and high Fish That Can Be Tank Mates With Your Not-so-social Discus Fish You need to be extra careful while choosing tank mates for your discus fish. It is adiced to add few discus fish in the start and when they are acclimitaized and stabilized, then add few more fish. You can start with a 55. Make sure your tank is fully cycled as mentioned above. Plants in pots. Moreover, fish keepers often have a hard time deciding on the best tank mates for these fish. The substrate should be sand of excellent to medium grade, smooth-surfaced gravel as discus like to forage along the bottom for food. You definitely do not want to have discus in a 30 gallon tank! See more ideas about discus tank, discus, discus fish. Go with a bare bottom tank. Discus are delicate fish, but nowhere near as delicate or difficult as they used to be thanks to modern equipment and a better understanding of what makes fish healthy. So, you can keep about 5-6 fish in a tank of Discus but if you want to brighten your tank with much fish then arrange a huge aquarium for your pet fish. See how well you do. You should get ready a tank of at least 200 liters capacity or larger if you will be keeping more than one fish. May 2, 2020 - Explore Gopi Doraisamy's board "Discus Tank" on Pinterest. Generally, discus is a timid type of fish and prefers staying with their own kind. By me you can get 5 2” discus for around 100 to 150. Get your dream tank going. Aqua Aquarium Discus Aquarium Aquarium Setup Aquarium Design Aquarium Fish Tank Fish Tanks Planted Aquarium Aquarium Garden Fish Tank Terrarium Favourites: tank at ADA GalleryI didn’t quite like them when they were set up initially, but I must admit that this has matured beautifully. There are many myths and opinions from breeders to . To keep discus you’ll need a tank of at least 200 liters capacity (52,83 gallons), but if you are going to keep more than one fish, the tank capacity should be much more. See more ideas about Discus, Discus fish, Freshwater aquarium. to DISCUS FISH FRY GROW OUT TANK SETUP || FISH BABIES TANK 04:08 Discus My DIY Aquarium Filter Setup 573 likes 200,246 views 4 years ago Don't forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe! However, this does not mean you should keep them single and we recommend that you keep them in a group of five or six other discus for companionship and security as well. Discus Tank Setup Guidance Step 1 - Water Parameters The King of the Aquarium, Discus fish are one of the most beautiful freshwater fish available for the home aquarium. As your They are not very sociable and like to stay in a calm environment. Fish Compatible with Discus Discus fish In Uncategorized on March 18, 2011 by discussecrets25 Tagged: discus, discus aquarium, discus aquarium setup, discus fish, discus tank setup Discus Aquarium Setup Within this posting we clarify Discus aquarium setup in the home in order to have got the most wonderful in appearance fish tank and will also be the envy of most of your pals. To build a Discus aquarium, we need to start with the tank size. The best way to stock a new tank for discus is to set everything up, fill with treated water as described in step two. Vertical black bars are displayed depending on the fish’s mood. Stocking Discus Tank Overstocking of discus tank should be avoided. Discus fish like plants in the tank and are pleasing to look at.I do not have a green thumb, so I use plastic plants.

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