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The Future of Fashion, or Virtual Couture Fashion, part 1: AI for Fashion

The Future of Fashion, or Virtual Couture Fashion AI for Fashion, AI4Fashion by Alizay Maniya, ELSE Corp Today, many things are moving from the physical world to the digital world and fashion is no exception. With the introduction of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, the fashion world is changing and progressing every single day….

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Four Steps to Modernizing Your CX with Bots and AI – Apparel Magazine

via Four Steps to Modernizing Your CX with Bots and AI  By Lauren Kindzierski According to Gartner, “By 2020, 85 percent of all customer service interactions will no longer require the support of a human intermediary.” By optimally deploying disruptive tools, such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, virtual assistants and bots, retailers can transform customer interactions, differentiate…

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