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VIDEO: “My Thierry” by Parabiago Collezioni & “Virtual Couture” at theMICAM 2017, powered by E.L.S.E.

Thierry Rabotin. We make shoes that no other company make. We do things that no other company could ever do. In fact, we are the only brand in the world that literally makes its own shoes in its own factory exclusively. The name Thierry Rabotin today signifies the preeminent Italian brand of exquisite comfortable fashion-forward…

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Meet #MyThierry & #VirtualCouture- at theMICAM 2017, 3D Product Tour

#MyThierry & #VirtualCouture- 3D Product Tour more info: http://www.else-corp.com/mythierry-micam2017 “My Thierry” by Parabiago Collezioni. Make way to a new age in footwear customization A perfectly tailor-made shoe: a dream coming true. Thierry Rabotin provides its customers with a truly unique shopping experience, by launching on the market a brand-new service that ensures plenty of opportunities…

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