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Leading Supply Chains in a Disruptive World

Leading Supply Chains in a Disruptive World- Gartner

via gartner.com Leading Supply Chains in a Disruptive World Winning supply chains will be those that aspire to be the best while tackling the real transformational challenges that lie ahead. Disrupt or be disrupted. That is the reality facing businesses and their supply chain organizations in the digital era, where business models change as quickly…

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The Future of Fashion - RTFS

The Real Time Fashion System (#RTFS) saga: Can Fashion be ever Sustainable?

The RTFS (Real Time Fashion System) Saga, Episode 1 Can fashion be ever sustainable? First thing to understand for the fashion industry, is that it is no longer that much about “what” (in the meaning of styles of clothes), but more about “how”. How does the brand create an accurate process of production, distribution and…

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How Fast Fashion Exposes Retailers to Supply Chain Compliance Risks- Capgemini

via edgl.com How Fast Fashion Exposes Retailers to Supply Chain Compliance Risks By Cyndi Fulk Lago and Michael Wohlfart, Capgemini Once upon a time, new fashion collections were introduced in the fall and spring. Socialites followed the runway shows to select looks for their charity balls. Families went “back-to-school” wardrobe shopping. Spring looks showcased lightweight fabrics…

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RTFS-FOUR key elements

How can RTFS (Real Time Fashion System) fix the Fashion Industry?

How can RTFS fix the Fashion Industry? Risky, unstable, but challenging. It’s been a huge year for the fashion industry! As economic and political changes came through, it faced the fashion industry as well, representing the seventh-largest economy in the world, proving just how twisted fashion is to its environment. 2016 has shown big confusion…

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So Why and How Direct-To-Consumer Fashion?

So Why and How Direct-To-Consumer? (you may want to check before: direct-to-consumer, as a “pre-fase” for this article) Whatever is happening today in the retail industry, whether it’s an expansion of private label collections or an opening of new retail outlets, technology is playing a huge part to develop new capabilities to support new strategies. To…

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Amazon wins patent for ‘on-demand apparel manufacturing’

via geekwire.com by Monica Nickelsburg Fashion-focused Amazon wins patent for ‘on-demand apparel manufacturing’ Amazon has a snazzy new idea for cutting the cost of making clothes. The Seattle e-commerce juggernaut just won a patent for “on-demand apparel manufacturing,” in which machines only start snipping and stitching once an order has been placed. The patent describes a system…

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Retail, virtual reality and the supply chain- Supply Chain Digital

via supplychaindigital.com Retail, virtual reality and the supply chain By Dale Benton Retail, virtual reality and the supply chain By Dale Benton Virtual Reality is starting to creep into our everyday lives which is expected whenever new technology hits the market. The application of virtual reality in industry is starting to take shape and puts…

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Connected Manufacturing Forum- a Milano il 26 ottobre 2017

via cwi.it Connected Manufacturing Forum: appuntamento a Milano il 26 ottobre L’evento organizzato da Business International offre alle imprese italiane un’occasione di confronto sui temi dell’Industria 4.0 Si svolgerà a Milano il prossimo26 ottobre il “Connected Manufacturing Forum”, un evento dedicato al Piano Industria 4.0 e ai cambiamenti in atto nel mondo industriale. Al centro dell’evento…

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Dalle passerelle all'armadio

The see-now-buy-now revolution is fizzling- Glossy

via glossy.co by Hilary Milnes The see-now-buy-now revolution is fizzling Fashion’s great see-now-buy-now experiment is beginning to fray. On Monday, Thakoon, a small label based in New York and led by designer Thakoon Panichgul, announced that its business was on “pause,” seven months after moving to a direct-to-consumer, in-season model. Then on Thursday, Tom Ford…

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What Millennials Really Want

Future of Fashion: What Millennials Really Want- Apparel Magazine

via edgl.com What Millennials Really Want by Guy Courtin Retailers and brands have spent years chasing the elusive Millennial. They’ve poured resources into research, marketing, technology and flashy front-end assets. This generation of tech savvy, demanding consumers are perceived as non-loyal customers, heavily influenced and attracted to the digital flash and sizzle. Millennials have grown…

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