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AI: the Antidote to Fashion’s Fear of Change- WhichPLM

via AI: the Antidote to Fashion’s Fear of Change In her first exclusive for 2018, resident Expert Dr Evridiki Papahristou explores Artificial Intelligence, in direct relation to our industry. Evridiki is a devoted fashion engineer with a research focus in the effective integration of 3D virtual prototype in the apparel industry, and sits on our Expert…

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How can RTFS (Real Time Fashion System) fix the Fashion Industry?

How can RTFS fix the Fashion Industry? Risky, unstable, but challenging. It’s been a huge year for the fashion industry! As economic and political changes came through, it faced the fashion industry as well, representing the seventh-largest economy in the world, proving just how twisted fashion is to its environment. 2016 has shown big confusion…

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