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3 Ways Industry 4.0 Will Impact Retail- PTC

via ptc.com 3 Ways Industry 4.0 Will Impact Retail by Greg Kaminsky As Industry 4.0 unfolds into the rise of smart, advanced manufacturing, many industries will be forever changed by new technologies that help to further optimize business operations. When we think of retail and fast fashion, images of shopping, trendy styles, and social media…

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3D digital technologies: Material focus, Expert Opinion

via 3D digital technologies: Material focus by Anne Prahl Responding to the growing need for design, development and manufacturing process optimisation, 3D digital technology innovation is gathering momentum in the apparel and footwear industry. However, in comparison to other industries adoption has been relatively slow and this can be partly blamed on the difficulties around…

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The Self-taught design system- Design World

via designworldonline.com The Self-taught design system August 22, 2017 Leslie Langnau   Just where will artificial intelligence fit in with CAD software? Here’s a look at where developments stand now, and a preview of what might be coming. Jean Thilmany, Contributing Editor Artificial intelligence has a place in the future of computer-aided design technology, but…

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