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Blockchain: A technical primer – Deloitte Insights

via deloitte.com Blockchain: A technical primer Just as the Internet revolutionized the very idea of information, blockchain seems set to challenge and transform conventional notions of “value.” A lot of the technology’s success, however, depends on businesses’ understanding of its potential and applicability. Blockchain, in many ways, appears to signify the dawn of a new…

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McKinsey Insights: How can creative industries benefit from blockchain?

How can creative industries benefit from blockchain? Five forces of blockchain technology could affect the creative economy. Here are some of the risks and challenges to overcome. Force 1: Enabling ‘smart contracts’ Force 2: Establishing transparent peer-to-peer transactions Force 3: Promoting efficient, dynamic pricing Force 4: Allowing ‘micrometering’ or ‘micromonetizing’ Force 5: Establishing a reputation…

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