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Millennials Say “Why Not” to Artificial Intelligence- Emarketer

via emarketer.com Artificial Intelligence? Millennials Say, ‘Why Not?’ Younger consumers are more willing to trade data for suggestions Author: Jeremy Kressmann Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity with businesses and consumers in the retail industry, and many expect a wave of new AI-based recommendation tools for online shoppers. Perhaps the best sign of consumers’ increasing…

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RTFS-FOUR key elements

How can RTFS (Real Time Fashion System) fix the Fashion Industry?

How can RTFS fix the Fashion Industry? Risky, unstable, but challenging. It’s been a huge year for the fashion industry! As economic and political changes came through, it faced the fashion industry as well, representing the seventh-largest economy in the world, proving just how twisted fashion is to its environment. 2016 has shown big confusion…

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Millennials And Quality: The Search For A Better Everything- Forbes

via forbes.com by Sarah Landrum Millennials And Quality: The Search For A Better Everything Millennials are slowly inheriting America. They represent an ever-larger portion of the workforce and, before too much longer, they’ll be spending a majority of their discretionary dollars in this country. Along with this changing of the guard will come significant shifts…

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Why Millennials and Mid-Market Firms Are a Fashion Match- Apparel Magazine

via edgl.com Why Millennials and Mid-Market Firms Are a Fashion Match By Jack Hendler Geography has always mattered when it comes to economic performance. When South Carolina manufacturers are struggling, producers in the South Bronx may be having a banner year. And vice versa. But regardless of location, the common denominator of today’s economy is the…

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Consumers looking for more in-store technology- Fierce Retail

via fierceretail.com Consumers looking for more in-store technology by Jacqueline Renfrow Consumers of all ages are looking to integrate more technology into their shopping experience, according to a new survey by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). In fact, consumers want access to more information in stores, reported the ICSC Retail Technology Survey.  And…

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Gen Z might be driven by digital, but they still prefer the in-store experience- Fashion & Mash

via fashionandmash.com Gen Z might be driven by digital, but they still prefer the in-store experience by Bia Bezamat Over 60% of Generation Z (16- to 21-year-olds) in the US prefer to shop at physical stores, according to a new report by Euclid Analytics. Its study revealed that digital touchpoints – such as social media,…

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What Millennials Really Want

Future of Fashion: What Millennials Really Want- Apparel Magazine

via edgl.com What Millennials Really Want by Guy Courtin Retailers and brands have spent years chasing the elusive Millennial. They’ve poured resources into research, marketing, technology and flashy front-end assets. This generation of tech savvy, demanding consumers are perceived as non-loyal customers, heavily influenced and attracted to the digital flash and sizzle. Millennials have grown…

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Retail Is Not Dead: Storytelling Through the Physical Environment – Apparel Magazine

Retail Is Not Dead: Storytelling Through the Physical Environment By Bryan Laing, Vice President of Client Services, IDL Worldwide Industry observers continue to sound the death knell for retail, citing increasing growth in online sales, the shuttering of many a bricks-and-mortar chain, and changing consumer shopping behaviors. They’ve got it all wrong, though: retail and online…

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E-marketer: Virtual In-Store Shopping May Become A Big Omnichannel Trend

Virtual In-Store Shopping May Become A Big Omnichannel Trend Millennials are catalyst for marketers to make everything more personal by Andria Cheng Omnichannel retailers seeking to turn online browsers into buyers have a new weapon at their disposal: live interactive video help from in-store staff. In a presentation at the Millennial 20/20 conference in New…

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McKinsey: Meeting millennials & digital customers where they shop

Meeting millennials where they shop: Shaping the future of shopping malls By Sangeeth Ram The traditional shopping mall is under threat. Here is how to meet the needs of digital customers. Digital technology is transforming global lifestyles and changing the way we live, work, shop, eat, play, and learn. Real-estate developers therefore must provide new…

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