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The Future of Fashion or Virtual Couture Fashion, part 3: Sustainability in Fashion

The Future of Fashion, or Virtual Couture Fashion Sustainability in Fashion, AI4Fashion by Alizay Maniya, ELSE Corp In the past or still now, customers had to choose between being ethical shoppers or being trendy, because there were no fashionable clothing items that were made in a sustainable way. However, with the increase of knowledge in how…

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FashionBI research: The Plus Size Fashion Phenomena, When Curvy Fashion Goes Mainstream, Beyond Measure

! A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FASHION MARKET RESEARCH ! The Plus Size Fashion Phenomena When Curvy Fashion Goes Mainstream, Beyond Measure Fashion. Beyond. Measure.  It hasn’t been long that the xx-extra large pieces of clothing and other fashion products hit the brand shelves. It hasn’t been long since the ‘large models’ started to rock the fashion…

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MySize saga: How Plus-Size fashion market is changing the industry

PlusSize fashion market is changing the industry After decades of living in the shadow of skinny models, women with size 14+ are finally starting to step into the spotlight: If you’re a retailer, and you don’t understand that consumers are more demanding than ever before, you’ve missed the point! People within fashion community and activists…

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