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Retail Technology: VIRTUAL RETAIL, by “FOCUS on Fashion Retail” Magazine

FOCUS ON FASHION RETAIL HIGH-END FASHION AND LUXURY LIFESTYLE TRADE MAGAZINE FOR AMERICAN RETAILERS     the August 2017 issue www.focusonshoes.com VIRTUAL RETAIL intro- Over the past years we have been reading titles such as “The iconic brand is expected to close 200 stores worldwide…” or “The luxury store tries to keep its charm for…

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ELSE Corp porta a theMICAM la “3D Retail Revolution”

MILANO  17-20 SETTEMBRE 2017 ELSE Corp- A Virtual Retail company STAND ACC 13 – HALL 3A www.else-corp.com/themicam2017 E.L.S.E. – Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience ELSE Corp porta a theMICAM la “3D Retail Revolution” Milano, 27 Luglio 2017. E.L.S.E., acronimo di “Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience” è una piattaforma tecnologica in cloud del “Virtual Retail” (no stock retail),…

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Andrey-Golub-TSUM-Vononezh-Dorogoe Udovoljstvie

Your Firsthand Branded Shoes, Look&Style-Interview (RU), “Dorogoe Udovoljstvie” Magazine, Voronezh- Russia

Your Firsthand Branded Shoes, Look&Style-Interview, “Dorogoe Udovoljstvie”* Magazine, Voronezh- Russia http://www.dorogoe-voronezh.ru ELSE Corp and its Virtual Fashion Corner at the Russian Department Store TSUM Voronezh * Dorogoe Udovoljstvie Dorogoe – eng.: expensive Udovoljstvie – eng.:pleasure get the PDF version READ ONLINE (in RUSSIAN)

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Direct to Consumer (D2C) Business Model

Direct to Consumer (D2C) Business Model: How Demand and Technology Made Fashion Go Real-Time, FashionBI Research

Today’s consumers are better informed, better connected and more conscious of the values and authenticity… 1 in 5 consumers interested in personalised products or services are willing to pay a +20% premium… 15+ major fashion labels have announced See Now Buy Now collections for 2017… a new report by FashionBI Direct to Consumer (D2C) Business…

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The Future of Fashion Retail, what is NEXT: The Raise of a Real-Time Fashion System

“It’s the end of fashion as we know it” says Li Edelkoort Design Indaba 2015: fashion is dead, trend forecaster Li Edelkoort has declared, describing the fashion industry as “a ridiculous and pathetic parody of what it has been” (+ interview). Lidewij Edelkoort, one of the world’s most influential fashion forecasters, used her annual presentation at Design…

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Don’t take your feet for granted – 3D Scan them now!

you may want to read before the previous article for the same argument of 3D scanning: Every retailer and brand will need a 3D body scanner soon? Don’t take your feet for granted – 3D Scan them now! Do you know your exact shoe size? Chances are that you don’t. The only simple thing you…

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Sette trend per i negozi del futuro- 01Net

via 01net.it Sette trend per i negozi del futuro Ormai è noto: dispositivi indossabili, realtà aumentata, stampa 3D e big data si apprestano a rivoluzionare la vendita al dettaglio offrendo un’esperienza di acquisto più personalizzata sia online sia in negozio. A confermarlo sono i dati di un recente studio europeo condotto da Epson e al…

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Virtual Couture Fashion- MTM Fitting

Introduction into Virtual Couture Fashion, part 1: MTM Men, “Virtual Bespoke”

Virtual Couture Fashiontm is a new vertical industry solution, currently in development by ELSE Corp, based on E.L.S.E. and ELSE-ware technology, integrating mass customization, industrial made to measure and on demand manufacturing for the Apparel industry. more info: virtual-couture.fashion/ Introduction into Virtual Couture Fashion Part 1: MTM Men- “Virtual Bespoke” powered by E.L.S.E.  Direct Link:…

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MySize and Virtual Retail, An Opportunity Beyond the Size

MySize saga- episode 3: MY SIZE

preface: you may want to read before the “episode 1”, MySize saga: How Plus-Size fashion market is changing the industry, “episode 2” MySize saga- episode 2: Petite doesn’t mean skinny MySize saga- episode 3: MY SIZE As anyone will verify, selecting the right clothes can be confusing. Especially when your sizes don’t match the “regular”…

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You may call it “Real-time Fashion System”,- a new patent by ELSE Corp

It’s a short announcement to inform our supporters (and not only ;),  that on these days ELSE Corp has successfully filled its 3-rd patent (#1, #2) for their industrial invention about “virtual retail” and its related innovative industrial processes around mass customization and industrial made to measure. This patent is about the principles of “open…

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