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La fabbrica Iveco Bus vede il futuro con HoloLens by Microsoft- Industria Italiana Magazine

via industriaitaliana.it La fabbrica Iveco Bus vede il futuro con HoloLens by Microsoft di Marco Frojo ♦ Il produttore di autobus ha adottato i visori smart del colosso di Redmond per ridurre drasticamente i tempi delle operazioni di manutenzione. Questa collaborazione si aggiunge a quelle già strette da Microsoft con Thyssen Krupp, Volvo e con…

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SAP blockchain, IoT effort takes vertical dive into PLM, asset management

via SAP blockchain, IoT effort takes vertical dive into PLM, asset management The company’s collaboration deals with firms such as Capgemini and Deloitte are aimed at leveraging the SAP blockchain framework and IoT, beginning from the inception of products through the manufacturing and logistics phases. by Courtney Bjorlin SAP will build vertical IoT solutions, focusing…

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Engineers in aircraft hangar with jet --- Image by © Monty Rakusen/cultura/Corbis

EaaS, Pay-Per-Use For Equipment-As-A-Service In Manufacturing- DigitalMag

via Pay-Per-Use For Equipment-As-A-Service In Manufacturing by Dietmar Bohn Pay-per-use for machines and equipment (also known as equipment-as-a-service, or EaaS) has become a successful business model in various industries, including office equipment, medical equipment, jet engines, and others. EaaS front-runners in industrial manufacturing have already applied this model for new revenue streams to differentiate themselves…

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What the Internet of Things means for Fashion- WhichPLM

via What the Internet of Things means for Fashion In their second guest piece for WhichPLM this year, Dassault Systèmes explores the Internet of Things in our industry, discussing RFID, smart technology, and PLM. Dassault Systèmes – or, the 3DEXPERIENCE company – is a French multinational business that specializes in 3D design, 3D digital mock-up,…

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Faceshoes for Andrea Damante

Softodrom: Microsoft, в России появятся «цифровые туфли»

via Microsoft: в России появятся «цифровые туфли» Времена персонализированных шнурков от Nike уходят в прошлое, теперь можно будет выбрать серьезные обувные параметры: колодку, каблук, материалы. Осталось немного, и мы сможем примерить цифровые туфли, созданные по индивидуальному проекту. Об этом сообщает компания Microsoft. «Уже в 2018 году в России может появиться новая возможность создавать предметы гардероба…

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Industria 4.0: la grande occasione italiana – Assodel

via Assodel.it Industria 4.0: la grande occasione italiana Il mercato dei progetti di Industria 4.0 (tra soluzioni IT, componenti tecnologiche abilitanti su asset produttivi tradizionali e servizi collegati) in Italia nel 2016 vale circa 1,7 miliardi di euro, di cui l’84% realizzato verso imprese italiane e il resto come export, a cui va aggiunto un…

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Image by Chief Design Officer Daniel Simon / Roborace Ltd.

The Self-taught design system- Design World

via designworldonline.com The Self-taught design system August 22, 2017 Leslie Langnau   Just where will artificial intelligence fit in with CAD software? Here’s a look at where developments stand now, and a preview of what might be coming. Jean Thilmany, Contributing Editor Artificial intelligence has a place in the future of computer-aided design technology, but…

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