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Microfactories, Automation, Talent, Investment: Building microfactories to cater to on-demand shopping

Microfactories, Automation, Talent, Investment Deconstructing the Reality of Made-in-the-USA Manufacturing By Jordan Speer When you’re talking about automating the apparel industry, and where we’re headed in the future, it’s helpful to understand where the industry has been, why it changed, and what’s sparking the changes that it will need to accommodate going forward. A little…

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Gerber Partners With Startup Avametric on 3D Simulation

via Gerber Partners With San Francisco Startup on 3D Simulation Today, despite its promises of vast efficiency gains in the design process and consumer shopping experience, 3D technology is complex to implement and use. Additionally there’s a wide gap between 3D design and the actual manufactured product. The fashion industry spends billions of dollars annually on physical samples which slows…

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