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The future of intelligence, the way of Coca-Cola, BMW, Uber, Jabil, ELSE Corp- Transforming Industry, Microsoft

via The future of intelligence by John Burchett, Director of Marketing Worldwide Commercial Sectors, Enterprise & Partner Group We live in an incredible era for technological innovation. Cars can recognize and make decisions about the objects around them; an online support agent can hold a conversation with a human and successfully resolve issues; a…

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VB: Mixed reality will soon mean big business for brands

via Mixed reality will soon mean big business for brands Are brands ready for mixed reality? The answer is a resounding no!  Fortunately, there’s still time left to prepare for one of the biggest digital transformations of all time. Reports suggest that a collection of the world’s leading tech companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG,…

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Codemotion Milan gets a glimpse of ELSE Corp’s #VRxVR endeavour

Codemotion Milan gets a glimpse of E.L.S.E.’s VRxVR endeavor

Codemotion Milan gets a glimpse of E.L.S.E.’s VRxVR endeavor The Virtual Retail framework showcased in Virtual Reality   Milan, December 19, 2016: Codemotion Milan 2016, Europe’s largest tech conference, was a great opportunity for ELSE Corp to preview their in-development, VRxVR fork project for the E.L.S.E. framework. The startup showcased their E.L.S.E. Cloud SaaS Platform…

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ELSE Corp at Codemotion Milan 2016, Showcasing at the largest Tech Conference in Europe

ELSE Corp at Codemotion Milan 2016 Showcasing at the largest tech conference in Europe Milan, 25 November, 2016: For the third year in a row, the Bovisa campus of Politecnico di Milano hosts Codemotion, one of the biggest tech conferences for software developers in Europe with an international network of 40.000 developers and 1500 speakers….

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#VRxVR- a new scenario for Luxury Fashion & Retail in Virtual Reality environments

here’s a new update from our Design Innovation Team #VRxVR (Virtual Reality x Virtual Retail) Virtual 3D Boutique & Product Configurator in VR A new update for the ELSE Corp‘s VRxVR SDK for E.L.S.E. SaaS middleware for Virtual Retail (, a demo for the Virtual Boutique 3D and Virtual 3D Product Configurator (Unity SDK) to…

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